What Is Interlude In Music?

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Music, with its infinite variety, has the remarkable ability to convey emotions, stories, and atmospheres through its notes and melodies. One of the subtle and intriguing elements of music is the “interlude.” An interlude, in the context of music, is a distinct and often instrumental passage that serves as a transitional or connecting segment between different sections of a composition. In this blog, we will explore what an interlude is, its role in music, and some notable examples of interludes in various musical genres.

What Is Interlude In Music?

An interlude is a musical section that temporarily breaks away from the main thematic material or structure of a composition. It acts as a brief departure from the established melody, rhythm, or lyrics, creating a pause or transition within the piece. Interludes are typically instrumental, but they can also feature vocals, spoken word, or other non-lyrical elements.

The Role Of Interludes In Music

  1. Transition: Interludes serve as transitional elements that connect different sections of a composition. They create a bridge between verses and choruses, or between two contrasting parts of a song.
  2. Atmosphere: Interludes can establish a particular mood, atmosphere, or musical setting. They often set the stage for the subsequent section of the composition.
  3. Instrumental Showcase: Musicians sometimes use interludes to showcase their instrumental prowess. It provides an opportunity for instrumentalists to shine and captivate the audience.
  4. Variation: Interludes offer a break from the primary melodic and lyrical content of a song, adding variety and maintaining the listener’s interest.
  5. Narrative Element: In concept albums or progressive rock, interludes can contribute to the storytelling aspect of the music, creating a cohesive narrative or thematic connection between tracks.

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Notable Examples Of Interludes

  1. The Beatles – “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End”: The medley from the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album features an interlude in the form of a transition between “Golden Slumbers” and “The End.” This interlude is a captivating instrumental passage that showcases the band’s musical prowess.
  2. Pink Floyd – “Speak to Me/Breathe”: The introduction of Pink Floyd’s iconic album “The Dark Side of the Moon” contains an atmospheric interlude that sets the tone for the rest of the album.
  3. Led Zeppelin – “Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)”: This rock classic features a guitar-driven interlude between the two song sections, adding a dynamic shift to the track.
  4. Miles Davis – “So What”: In the jazz realm, Miles Davis’ “So What” features an instrumental interlude where the band explores improvisation, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the piece.
  5. Classical Music: Classical compositions often feature interludes between movements, allowing for thematic development, modulation, or variations within a larger work.


Interludes in music are more than just transitional segments; they are essential components that add depth, complexity, and atmosphere to a composition. Whether in rock, pop, jazz, or classical music, interludes serve a variety of purposes, from creating musical suspense to showcasing instrumental virtuosity. The next time you listen to your favorite songs or compositions, pay attention to the interludes, and appreciate the art of musical pause and transition that they bring to the world of music.


What Does Interlude Mean In Music?

An interlude is a moment in time where something occurs between two events. Much like the acts within trailer music. When relating to music an interlude can be either a major distinction between two pieces of music or a performance that intersects two different songs.

Why Is It Called The Interlude?

Interlude is often used to describe the pauses between acts of a play or during an intermission. In fact, the original meaning came from the Latin interludium, which means “between a play”.

What Is An Instrumental Interlude?

In a song that is otherwise sung, a section that is not sung but which is played by instruments can be called an instrumental interlude, or, if it occurs at the beginning of the song, before the singer starts to sing, an instrumental introduction.

What Is The Difference Between Interlude And Break?

An interlude is music for in the middle of something. A postlude is music for after something. A bridge is the “different” part of a musical piece. A break is a slang term for a lead section.

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