Finding Dependable Pet Sitting & Boarding Services Near You

Finding pet sitting services is important to making sure that your pets are taken care of when you must leave them behind. Many individuals offer this service as a side business, and having a screening process in place will help prevent leaving your animals with strangers. However, there are several avenues to consider when looking for the right caretaker, so read on to learn more.

Check Online

Finding a sitter that you trust with both your home and pet is of utmost importance when selecting one. Search online services listed in your area to read reviews; compile a list of questions for them such as experience level, type of training received, handling food/water dispenser needs of pets, insurance/bond status/rates offered etc. and what happens in an emergency scenario with your pet.

If you own multiple pets, make sure the sitter is familiar with all their personalities. Discuss any dietary or behavioral requirements your pet has as well as any medical conditions they might need special care for. It can also be beneficial to arrange a “Meet and greet” session between sitter and owner/pet, this allows both interacting and feeling more at ease with one another.

Most often, those who make great sitters are those who genuinely care about animals and want to earn extra cash while spending quality time with them. Being a sitter also offers great ways to stay active, meet new people, and provide valuable service for the community while giving back something meaningful in exchange. While being a sitter has its rewards, it can also be a time-consuming and sometimes stressful job that requires long hour’s commitments.

If you need someone to provide care for your pet, searching online is an effective way to find suitable options within both your needs and budget. Sites like NAPPS and Sitters International provide listings of professional services near your location that indicate whether they are insured, bonded and trained in first aid (source: To further your search they even allow free meet and greet sessions so you can meet them face to face and form relationships before making your choice!

Ask a Friend or Family Member

Use of friends and family for pet sitting services can be an ideal way to find someone whom you trust; these individuals likely have experience caring for your particular pets as well as knowing your home inside out. Just make sure they’re trustworthy; discuss what their duties will be before choosing any potential sitters.

Your pet’s care should include feeding, walking and playing with it while cleaning up after them as well as any medications they require or treatments they need, like watering plants and bringing mail into the house. Be mindful if it has special dietary requirements or regular veterinarian check-ups – these could all require extra consideration from you as their parent.

Before hiring a sitter, always obtain references and check them thoroughly. Find out whether they are insured and bonded, their rates for in-home visits or overnight stays, additional services they provide, etc. This will give you a clear idea of their level of expertise and help determine who might best suit the task at hand.

Interview potential sitters like this while your cat or dog is present to gain a better idea of their interactions. This allows you to witness first-hand how your animal reacts with them and work out any issues before hiring. Once you find one you feel comfortable with, ensure all details of their work such as date/hours/services will be included in a contract agreement between both parties.

Find a Boarding Facility

Ultimately, the best choice when leaving your pet with anyone other than friends or family is boarding facilities. Before leaving your pet with them, however, make sure that all information needed by them has been given.

Pack your pet’s food, medication and any other essential items they might require during their stay. Also try including familiar toys and blankets from home so they feel at home when away from their owners.

Be sure to inform the staff of the boarding facility of your dog’s feeding schedule, diet restrictions and behavioral needs; this will allow them to provide optimal care for them while giving your pet all of the attention he or she requires.

At first, it may be difficult to part ways with your pet at a boarding facility; however, try not to make too much noise about it. Your pet can pick up on your emotions and become even more distressed than before when he/she senses that something is upsetting you about leaving them behind. Start out slowly, leaving them alone for shorter and longer periods at home before progressing further with longer stays at boarding facilities.

Visits to boarding facilities before your vacation are an integral part of ensuring that your pet will remain comfortable while you’re gone. You can Google “pet sitting near me” and see which have the most comfortable, friendly staff. Meeting the staff allows you to observe how your dog or cat responds in their care.

At your visit to a facility, it is also a good idea to take your pet for a tour and introduce them to its staff members. Acclimatizing your pet to its new environment will make their transition much smoother once they stay longer at the facility.

Questions to pose to boarding staff include their experience, certifications and education as well as how many animals are being boarded at the facility – if the ratio seems excessive it could be an indicator that your pet won’t get enough individualized care from his stay there.

Many boarding facilities allow owners to leave behind familiar objects for their pet’s comfort, such as toys and blankets from home or clothing with your scent on it, which could offer some familiarity and relief in case of illness or injury. Emergency contact numbers as well as your veterinarian’s phone number should also be left with them; in order to reduce anxiety when leaving behind a beloved companion. Say a quick goodbye when dropping them off – long emotional goodbyes may lead to increased worry!