What Is A Graduation Hat Called?

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What Is A Graduation Hat Called?

The iconic cap worn during graduation ceremonies is commonly known as a “mortarboard.” This distinctive headpiece holds significant symbolism and tradition, marking a pivotal moment in the academic journey of graduates worldwide.

Unveiling The Mortarboard:

The mortarboard, often referred to as the graduation cap, derives its name from its resemblance to a mason’s tool – the flat board used in masonry to hold mortar. It consists of a flat, square-shaped board mounted on a skullcap-like base, adorned with a tassel hanging from the center.

Symbolism And Tradition:

  • Achievement and Accomplishment: The mortarboard symbolizes academic achievement, signifying the completion of a particular level of education, whether it’s high school, college, or postgraduate studies.
  • Scholarly Tradition: Its origins can be traced back to the medieval academic traditions of universities, where scholars wore distinctive caps denoting their academic ranks or disciplines.
  • Transition and Milestone: Wearing the mortarboard marks a symbolic transition from student life to the next phase, signifying readiness to step into the world beyond academia.

Graduation Cap Components:

  • Square Board: The flat square board atop the cap represents the mortarboard itself, often made of stiff fabric or cardboard material.
  • Skullcap Base: The base of the cap resembles a fitted skullcap, providing a secure fit for the mortarboard on the head of the wearer.
  • Tassel: The tassel attached to the center of the mortarboard holds its own symbolism. Traditionally, it’s worn on the right side before the graduation ceremony, then shifted to the left side once degrees are conferred.

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Cultural Variations:

While the mortarboard is a prevalent symbol of graduation across many countries, variations exist in cap styles and designs worldwide. Some institutions use different cap shapes, colors, or embellishments to distinguish academic disciplines or degrees.


The mortarboard stands as a timeless emblem of academic achievement and scholarly tradition, symbolizing the culmination of years of dedication, hard work, and intellectual growth. It carries a sense of pride and accomplishment for graduates as they embark on new journeys beyond the academic realm. Whether in its traditional form or with cultural adaptations, the mortarboard remains a universal symbol of graduation, honoring the perseverance and success of students worldwide.


What Is The Graduation Gown And Hat Called?

Academic regalia, also known as the “cap and gown,” varies according to the degree conferred and the level of scholarship attained. The bachelor’s gown is a simple robe that covers the entire body.

What Is The Fancy Name For Graduation Cap?

The Mortarboard is traditionally worn by graduates at their graduation ceremony.

What is the slang for graduation hats?

The classic graduation cap is also known as a “mortar board,” because of its resemblance to the usually flat pan a bricklayer uses for mortar … weird.

What Is The Name Of The Hat For Phd Graduation?

The Doctoral Tam: The academic tam is a hat worn with the gown and hood. It is usually made of black velvet and features a tassel in a specific color that represents the degree being conferred. For example, a blue tassel signifies a PhD degree, while a gold tassel signifies an EdD degree.

Why Is It Called A Graduation Hood?

So How Did Everyday Hoods Become Academic Hoods? Many western histories will refer to a medieval monk wearing his cloak with cowl around the head and shoulders. This example is one way of explaining the origins of the graduation hood because Monks were essentially the first scholars or academics of the western world.

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