Dealing with Dog Separation Anxiety Without a Cage

Dogs are, instinctually, pack animals. They don’t do well alone and, if they don’t have other dogs to work with, they will bond with their human partners just as well. However, unlike dogs, humans have plenty in their daytime lives that involves travel and leaving, which dogs cannot usually participate in. This in turn creates anxiety, as dogs don’t have the rational ability to know their owners will generally return until after years of practice and experience. That anxiety can be very destructive as a bored dog looks for ways to vent. And it’s not uncommon for a dog owner to come home finding some furniture destroyed, a mess made or something else broken. Anxious dogs also have a higher rate of behavior issues too, especially at a younger age.

Avoiding Anxiety Starts Early

If a dog is obtained as a puppy, that’s a great time to start training the dog to learn how to deal with periods of being alone, whether with toys, distractions or similar equipment. Dogs should also be trained early to deal with containment so, if not left outside in the backyard, they also don’t roam the house looking for things to destroy when venting stress. Chewing is probably one of the most visible signs of a stressed dog, which can be very destructive to all types of material (basically whatever the dog finds chewable). A combination of effective containment as well as toys and training can make the most energetic of puppies easier to handle, especially during times of a pet owner’s absence.

Avoid Cages

A common go-to solution for many pet owners who can’t put their dog outside or if it’s too cold is a cage. However, cages create a very inhumane approach. They are restrictive, often times uncomfortable to be in or stand, and a dog doesn’t feel like it is in a natural environment. Cages end up increasing a dog’s stress, and it will usually act out even more when out of the cage or try to avoid it before going in. Instead, containment that can allow a dog to see, stretch and move is far easier for the animal to adapt to, especially where it has the ability to move around.

Utilizing a supportive containment system that is modular, allows movement and dogs can see through makes a huge difference in reducing their negative behavior from stress. Products like those from Clearly Loved Pets and similar have shown to be effective in producing well-mannered indoor pets that don’t react to noise, damage or messes that make dog ownership a chore versus a joy. If you’re finding you need to restrict your dog’s movement when away but want a better option than a cage, then it’s time to consider clear view containment systems that allow your dog to be relaxed, normal and feel safe. It makes a huge difference for the animal and for the pet owner with less headaches too.