What House Is Moaning Myrtle In?

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What House Is Moaning Myrtle In?

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is filled with fascinating characters, each with their own unique quirks and stories. One such character is Moaning Myrtle, a ghostly presence who haunts the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But have you ever wondered which house Moaning Myrtle belonged to during her time at Hogwarts? In this blog, we will delve into the mystery of Moaning Myrtle’s house and explore her haunting history.

The Origins Of Moaning Myrtle

Before we reveal the house Myrtle belonged to, let’s first take a moment to learn about the character herself. Moaning Myrtle, whose full name was Myrtle Elizabeth Warren, was a student at Hogwarts in the mid-20th century. She was born in 1928 and met her untimely demise in 1943 when she encountered the infamous monster known as the Basilisk in the second-floor girls’ bathroom. Her death was a tragic event in the wizarding world, and it left Myrtle as a ghostly presence forever bound to Hogwarts.

The House Of Moaning Myrtle

While many fans might assume that Moaning Myrtle was a member of Slytherin house due to her association with the infamous bathroom housing the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, the truth is quite different. Moaning Myrtle was actually a member of Ravenclaw house during her time at Hogwarts. This fact is revealed in J.K. Rowling’s books and confirmed on the official Pottermore website.

Myrtle’s house affiliation is an interesting piece of information because it goes against the stereotype that all Ravenclaws are studious and well-behaved. Myrtle’s propensity for moaning and her tendency to haunt the bathroom she died in may not fit the typical image of a Ravenclaw, but it serves as a reminder that every house at Hogwarts has its own share of eccentric individuals.

Why The Bathroom?

The choice of the second-floor girls’ bathroom as Myrtle’s haunting spot is significant. It is where she met her tragic end, and it also plays a crucial role in the events of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, which is located in this bathroom, serves as a central plot point in the second book of the series.

Myrtle’s decision to haunt this bathroom is likely tied to the circumstances of her death. It’s a place that holds deep emotional meaning for her, and she may have chosen to remain there because of the events that transpired in that location.


Moaning Myrtle, the ghostly Ravenclaw student, is a memorable and somewhat tragic character in the Harry Potter series. Her choice to haunt the second-floor girls’ bathroom has left an indelible mark on the wizarding world, and her moaning and wailing have echoed through the halls of Hogwarts for generations.

Knowing the house to which Moaning Myrtle belonged adds an extra layer of depth to her character, as it challenges stereotypes and reminds us that each Hogwarts house is home to a diverse group of witches and wizards. So, the next time you visit Hogwarts in your imagination or by re-reading the books, remember that Moaning Myrtle was a proud member of Ravenclaw, despite her haunting tendencies in the bathroom that made her famous.

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How Old Was Moaning Myrtle When She Died?

She was just 14 when she died.

Myrtle’s life was cut shockingly short when she was killed by the Basilisk at Tom Riddle’s command. It’s not surprising to me that she stayed on as a ghost.

Was Moaning Myrtle A Slytherin?

Born in the late 1920s to Muggle parents, Myrtle Warren started her Hogwarts life in the early 1940s, where she was sorted into Ravenclaw. She had no friends, and was bullied relentlessly because of her glasses and acne.

Did Myrtle Have A Crush On Harry?

Myrtle is shown to have a crush on Harry throughout the series. In the Goblet of Fire film, the bathroom scene shows her acting sexually towards Harry. Myrtle was also the first person to be killed by Lord Voldemort.

Why Is Moaning Myrtle A Ghost?

Myrtle Warren was once a Hogwarts student, but after her untimely death, she stayed back as a spirit to eternally haunt the second-floor girls’ bathroom. Myrtle had a hard time at Hogwarts, and was frequently bullied. Prone to wailing morosely, the ghost became known informally as Moaning Myrtle.

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