Best 100 Russian Dog Names

Do you want to know the best Russian dog names? Then, you have arrived at the right place. There are several breeds of Russian dogs and each of them has very different traits. Dogs are the best pets in the world as they can understand emotions and are well trainable. Whenever we bring a new pet, the first task is to name it. In the case of dogs, this becomes more difficult as the list of names is never-ending. If your dog is a Russian and you want to name it accordingly. Keep reading the article to know the best 100 Russian dog names from which you can choose. 

Top 100 Russian Dog Names

Russian Dogs names are unique as they are. Naming then is a hard choice so I have divided them in some categories. Lets hop in and know them

Best Top 20 Popular Russian Dog Names 

First, I will tell you some of the popular Russian names for dogs that you can consider keeping. These names have good meanings as well which I have given along. 

  • Annika- Grace
  • Boris- Wolf 
  • Dimitri- Variation of Dimitry
  • Alena- Torch
  • Gala- Calm
  • Kata- Pure
  • Borya- Fighter
  • Alma- River Alma
  • Alik- Defender
  • Agnessa- Holy
  • Luba- Love
  • Marya- Rebelliousness
  • Olya- Holy
  • Lana- Light
  • Kira- Mistress
  • Anfisa- Favor
  • Inna- Strong water 
  • Naida- Water Nymph
  • Laika- Barker
  • Svetlana- Luminescent 

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Best Top 20 Russian Dog Names Male

Are you searching for Russian male dog names? Then, your search for the perfect Russian male dog name will end here. I have also given the meaning of these names for your reference. 

  • Anatoly- Sunrise
  • Artem- Healthy
  • Grigory- Watchful
  • Ivan- God is gracious
  • Fyodor- Gift of god
  • Feliks- Lucky
  • Konstantin- Constant
  • Luka- Light
  • Andrei- Andrew
  • Oleg- Holy
  • Vladimir- Ruler of the world
  • Bolshoi- Large
  • Igor- Russian Composer
  • Makar- Blessed
  • Ruslan- Lion
  • Vadik- Ruler
  • Zakhar- God Remembered
  • Yozhik- Hedgehog
  • Sputnik- Satellite 
  • Kodiak- An Island in Russia

Best Top 20 Russian Dog Names Female

Now, I will recommend you the best Russian female dog names that you can give to your lovely pet. I am sure that you will like all the names that I have mentioned below.

  • Akilina- Eagle Like
  • Anastasia- Resurrection
  • Czarina- Born Empress
  • Ekaterina- Innocent
  • Klarika- Bright
  • Levka- Lioness
  • Marina- Woman of the sea
  • Oksana- Bright light
  • Katja- Pure
  • Galina- Women of Serenity
  • Aliona- Light
  • Evgena- Noble
  • Fediosa- God’s Gift
  • Kirill- Lord 
  • Mechta- Dream
  • Nina- Grace 
  • Onega- A Lake
  • Sabaka- Dog
  • Valeriya- Strong
  • Serafima- Fiery 

Best Top 20 Russian Dog Names For Huskies 

Huskies are originally from Siberia but Russian names suit them perfectly. If you have a husky dog and want some ideas to name it then you can go through the names given below. 

  • Miron- Myrrh
  • Sergei- Sergeant
  • Lev- Lion
  • Kliment- Gentle
  • Kenya- Harmless
  • Onisim- Useful
  • Searfim- Burning one
  • Vera- Faith
  • Zoya- Life
  • Yelena- Torch
  • Vitali- Of life
  • Stas- Glorious
  • Slava- Glory
  • Maksim- The greatest
  • Kuzma- Beauty
  • Kolonda- Log
  • Modya- Moderate
  • Pasha- Small
  • Kostya- Steadfast
  • Randomil- Happy 

Best Top 20 Unique Russian Dog Names 

Do you want to name your dog uniquely? Below I have listed some of the best unique dog names for you to select to name your pet. 

  • Karik- Powerful ruler
  • Pavlo- Intellectual
  • Randomir- Peaceful
  • Zigfrids- Victory
  • Puskin- Cannon
  • Dima- Strong Fighter
  • Raiya- Heaven
  • Tatiana- Queen of the fairies
  • Fedoisa- God’s Gift
  • Alexie- Defender
  • Grisha- Vigilant
  • Gavrill- Warrior of God
  • Ro- Hero
  • Fadei- Courageous
  • Shura- Defender of mankind
  • Yaroslava- Spring Glory
  • Varya- Foreign
  • Ustinya- Just 
  • Tit- Fire
  • Spiridon- Spirit

How To Choose A Russian Dog Name? 

Choosing a Russian dog name is not as difficult as it seems. Below I have given some tips that will help you to select a perfect name for your pet dog. 

  • You can name your pet dog by considering its breed, physical traits like its coat color or eye color. This is the simplest way to name your pet by taking into account its personality and physical characteristics. 
  • The other way is to make a list of your favorite things like food, cities, places, or your favorite movie or book characters. Then, you can shortlist it by looking for the names that will suit your pet.
  • There are various types of Russian names that have good meanings. You can look for names of Russian cities, places, or popular people. You will find many names that will fit the personality of your dog.
  • You can take advice from your friends and family. They can give you the best suggestions and recommendations for naming your pet. At last, it’s all up to you that you want to name your pet.


What Is A Badass Name For A Dog?

The list of some of the badass names for a dog is given below.

  • Blaze
  • Abe
  • Bolt
  • Chief
  • Drake
  • Diesel
  • Ernest
  • Felix
  • Hunter
  • Ivy

What Are Some Unique Dog Names?

Some of the unique dog names are mentioned below.

  • Ocean
  • Ajay
  • Zeus
  • Arnadio
  • Boomer
  • Harper
  • Ash
  • Ritz
  • Rain
  • Jimmy

What Are Good Russian Names?

Many Russian names are meaningful and really good. Below I have given some of the good Russian names with their meanings.

  • Vera– Faith
  • Zoya– Life
  • Yelena- Torch
  • Vitali– Of life
  • Stas– Glorious
  • Slava– Glory
  • Maksim- The greatest
  • Kuzma- Beauty
  • Modya– Moderate
  • Nina- Grace

What Is The Funniest Dog Name?

There are many funny dog names and I have listed a few of the funniest dog names below.

  • Black Swan
  • Pikachu
  • Fonzie
  • Tootie
  • Clipper
  • Chunk
  • Zipper
  • Winky
  • Spitz
  • Hooch

What Is The Most Popular Russian Dog?

The Siberian Husky is arguably the most popular Russian dog breed today. This medium-sized doggo’s lineage dates back nearly 4,000 years, making it one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. The Chukchi people bred this dog for pulling sleds. To date, Siberian Huskies still compete in sled races.

What Is The Rarest Name For A Dog?

Cool Rare Dog Names

  • Quest.
  • Niko.
  • Iker.
  • Brecken.
  • Mercedes.
  • Zya.
  • Minka.
  • Vegas.


Russian dog names are not so common and they sound very unique. Dogs are friendly and lovely pets. They become a part of our family and are there with us for many years. Naming them significantly is very important as it becomes their identity. While finding a perfect name seems like searching for a diamond in a coal mine. It really isn’t like that because when it comes to naming there are no rules. Read the above article till the end to get ideas and suggestions related to the best Russian dog names. 

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What is a good Russian dog name

What is a good Russian name for a dog