Java Moss: A Complete Guide 

In this article, you will get to know about Java moss which is one of the most popular aquatic plants. I am sure that you might be having questions about how to grow it and how it is useful. Don’t worry you will get all your answers here. These plants are very easy to install and maintain but it is very difficult to kill them. They have cute little small leaves, unlike the leaves that grow on the land trees. Keep reading the article to know more information and details about the Java moss. 

Java Moss 

The java moss scientific name is ‘Taxiphyllum Barbieri’ which is given by scientists. They are very easy to care for and maintain. The special feature about this plant is that it can attach itself to different surfaces like rocks, gravel, and driftwoods, etc. This aquatic plant belongs to the regions of Southeast Asia. 

The cute tiny leaves of this plant grow on an irregular pattern of stems. You can expect the stems to go around 3 to 10 inches or 7.6 to 25.4 cm long. 

You can differentiate the older and the new growth by the color difference. The new growth is much brighter while the older growth is dark green. 

Java Moss Tree

Java Moss Tree makes an amazing showpiece for your aquarium? Then, making a moss tree is the best and easy thing that you can do.

Java moss on driftwood can be grown to give it an appearance of a tree. You should search for the driftwood that has branches can like structures.

Then, you can use a bit of glue and paste the moss to the tree. Once the moss starts growing on the tree it will give it a stunning look.

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Java Moss Carpet

You can create various looks by growing java moss in your aquarium. You can even design a carpet look using this plant.

To create the carpet with it you should cut out the mesh paper according to the size of the area where you want to put it in the aquarium. 

Then, you can attach the moss to the surface of the paper and place it in the aquarium. Once the moss starts growing you won’t see the paper and it will seem like a lush green grass carpet. 

Java Moss Wall

It is very easy to create a wall pattern using the java moss plant. The method is the same as that of the carpet. 

They look very beautiful and appealing on the walls of the aquarium and are sure to catch the eyes of people.

To create the wall out of this plant you need to attach the carpet moss to the sides of the aquarium instead of the bottom. 

How To Plant Java Moss

Planting the moss into your aquarium is very easy to do but there are several methods by which you can do it. 

  1. You can take the moss plant and leave it in the aquarium. However, it is not recommended to directly leave the floating plant.
  2. You should incorporate the moss into your aquarium by attaching it to some surface like a rock, driftwood or the plastic mesh, etc.
  3. Take some glue and attach it to the surface of any of them and leave it in the aquarium. 

Do you know How fast does java moss grows? You will see after 3 to 4 weeks the moss will start establishing itself on the surface using its rhizoids. 

Java Moss Uses

There are many uses of this aquatic plant and I have mentioned a few of them below.

  • It is a versatile plant and can be used to decorate and make the aquarium more attractive. You can use it in beautifully different forms like moss trees, carpets, and walls.
  • You can use it to cover the big and not pleasant-looking HOB filters inlets and outlets. 
  • They are majorly used for aquascaping which can also be called underwater gardening. Aquascaping is the craft of decorating the aquarium with aquatic plants, rocks, and driftwoods.
  • You can also use it in the breeding tanks as they make an ideal place for laying eggs and hatching them. 
  • The moss is a good aquatic plant for the small fry as you can place their first food that is harbor infusorians on it. It also becomes a perfect hiding place for the tiny fry.
  • Shrimps are shy and hiding fishes so you can place the moss plants in the shrimp tanks as well. 

Java Moss Care And Maintenance 

Here, I will tell you how you can care for the java moss plant and some of the ways to maintain it properly. 

  • The moss plant is dense so you can well imagine how the debris and waste might get stuck on it. So you can remove the surface on which it is attached and wash it in the running water to clean it. 
  • You can use the sucking tube and place it on the moss and suck out all the bad stuff from it.
  • This aquatic plant has good growth and it can’t be just left alone. You need to follow regular trimming to avoid it growing into a giant fluffy structure.
  • The major problem that you need to keep an eye on is the algae problem. If the light is too much and the water conditions aren’t good you might find that algae start on it. 
  • Algae grow very quickly and it is very difficult to remove algae from the moss. The only solution is to remove the entire moss and start again. 

Java Moss Vs Christmas Moss

There are many differences between these two types of mosses and however people end up getting confused by them. 

  • The only similarity that these two mosses have is that they belong to the same Taxiphyllum genus.
  • The Christmas moss requires warmer waters to grow whereas the other moss grows much better in cooler water temperatures. 
  • Christmas moss is quite slow to grow but this moss grows very fast once it has established itself to the surface.
  • It has been observed that little light is required to grow the Christmas moss but this moss of Java needs no light to grow at all. 

Java Moss Facts

Now, I will tell you some interesting and important facts about this aquatic moss plant that you must know.

  • These plants have the scientific name ‘Taxiphyllum Barbieri’ and are very easy to care for.
  • The ideal java moss temperature to grow this aquatic plant properly is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 to 30 degrees celsius. 
  • The pH level of the water should be maintained between 5 to 8 and the water hardness can be up to 20dGH.
  • The java moss height can go up to five inches and it is compatible with all species of fishes. 
  • The growth rate of this plant is medium and the low-level lights are perfect for it as it prevents algae from growing.
  • To foster the growth of the moss plant you can add CO2 and fertilization.


Is Java Moss Good For The Aquarium?

Yes, the moss plant is good for aquariums and is used for aquascaping. You can grow it easily and drape it around the branches or use the carpet or wall moss and the tree moss. They look extremely attractive and enhance the beauty of the aquarium.

Why Is Java Moss So Expensive?

The moss plant is expensive as it is very popular and easy to grow. It has various uses like it is ideal for breeding, good for hiding for tiny fry and feeding them, and shrimps can also hide in them. They grow in low light and do not require anything specific. 

Does Java Moss Grow Fast?

The moss plant isn’t a typically very fast-growing plant. However, you can speed up the growth rate by maintaining the ideal water temperature and low light conditions. You also need to make sure that the algae do not grow on it. 

Is Java Moss Invasive?

Yes, the moss plant is said to be invasive as once they get attached to the surfaces by rhizoids it becomes very difficult to remove them completely. They are from the Hypnaceae family and grow in moist tropical conditions. 

How Do You Keep Java Moss Alive?

Keep the water between 70–75 °F (21–24 °C). Place a heater in the tank so it stays at a consistent temperature. Java moss can tolerate temperatures up to 90 °F (32 °C), but it will cause it to grow much slower than the lower temperatures. Check the temperature of your tank often to make sure it does not fluctuate.

Does Java Moss Need Sand?

The first one is Java Moss, which is a versatile plant often used for aquascaping. This plant is able to live on sand rather than in sand. To grow the moss to make a green carpet, make sure to weigh it down to keep it in place.

How Fast Does Java Moss Spread?

If you trim it properly, Java moss can grow 2-3mm per day. This species reproduces every 1-3 days. Thus, a three-inch patch plant can double its size within one month.


Java moss is one of the famous aquatic plants and is widely used to decorate aquariums. This plant is very versatile and you can grow it in different forms. Not only this there are many uses of this moss plant like it is used for breeding, good for small fry, make perfect hiding places for shrimps and small fishes. 

These plants are lush green and are very easy to grow and maintain. The moss plant grows on a moderate level and so you need to make sure that you trim it at regular intervals. The only drawback of this plant is that it might grow algae so you just need to keep a check on it. By reading the above article, you will get in-depth and detailed information on the Java moss plant. 

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