Graphic Design Terms You Should Know

You have a brilliant imagination and a strong desire to use your design skills in a stable career. But hanging around with a group of artists who casually throw out graphic design terms you don’t hear every day might be intimidating. Tracking? Kerning? Leading?

While it may be difficult at first, mastering the graphic design terms will not only put you on par with expert designers, but will also provide you with the vocabulary required to effectively describe your work.

We’re here to help you translate imprecise language like “those items on a letter” into a more clear explanation.

Graphic Design Terms To Know About

You can use this graphic design vocab to create your own company logo, promotional materials, website, and more.

White Space

You probably know what this term means if you’ve ever made a resume. White space is unused real estate on a design canvas and is the most common graphic design term.

Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the principle of creating an order of importance for specific elements and making them stand out.

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Typography, one of the most significant terms in graphic design, is a broad principle that guides text and letters.


A logomark is the exclusive use of a graphic or image to symbolize a brand without any associated text.

Pixels And Resolution

The clarity of a picture is assessed in pixels, representing the building elements and dots of every photo.

Color Scheme in Monochrome

A monochromatic palette is made of colors with the same tone or tint.

Tracking, Kerning, and Leading

All three of these graphic design phrases refer to the gap between typography. See below the meaning of these design terms:

  • Kerning is the separation of two distinct characters in your type.
  • The leading is the distance between two lines of copy.
  • The gap between all letters is referred to as “tracking.”


Most graphic design graphics are built in layers, much like your favorite dessert.


Opacity, one of the most prevalent terms in graphic design, is just another word for lack of transparency.


Scale refers to the relative size of one element relative to another element in a design. It is responsible for establishing a visual hierarchy among your creation’s elements.

The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a principle often used in cinematography and photography that can assist in finding spots in a frame that will attract viewers’ attention.

Brand Identity and Branding

A company’s brand is its overall essence. It distinguishes your company and allows it to stand out (or blend in) among the competition.

You may use a company logo creator where you can edit out backgrounds quickly and easily.

If These Words Excite You, You’re a Designer

Graphic design is the application of information on a technological canvas. While reviewing such graphic design terminology may seem daunting, keep in mind that they will not all emerge at once.

If you find these graphic design terms and vocabulary exciting, you most likely have a designer’s heart.

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