What Does Dog Licking Lips Mean?

Have you seen your dog licking lips often? Is it normal or is there a reason behind it? You will get to know answers to all your such questions in this article. Dogs are friendly pets and we love to spend time with them. They are a great companion and you can never get bored in their company. Kids also like to touch their soft fur and play with them. They become a part of our family and so it is very important to take care of them. Keep reading the article to know why and what is the reason for your dog licking lips a lot.  

What Does Dog Licking Lips Mean? 

Dog licking his lips is a type of body language of dogs. It is a form of non-verbal communication that your dog is using to convey something or how he is feeling.

Dog licking lips and swallowing is also very common and dogs do it often to release their saliva in the food for better digestion. 

While it has been seen that the dog licking lips after eating is very normal. But if there is no food around and your dog is still licking lips then there might be some problem. 

Behavioral Reasons For Dog Licking Lips 

Sometimes when the dog constantly licking lips is due to behavioral reasons and I have mentioned them below. 

  • Appeasement gesture-  Lip licking is associated with an appeasement gesture. Dogs do it when they feel or see a person or an animal as a threat. They use it to show their building-up aggression. 
  • Dog licking lips and yawning- When during the training session, you see your dog yawning and licking his lips that may be the sign that your dog is tired and confused. If you find so then you must end the training session by rewarding your dog. You may also consider enrolling your pet in  Huntsville group classes for dogs for more efficient training sessions.
  • Dog licking lips anxiety- Dogs use many signs and actions to convey that they are anxious or frightened. Licking of lips in dogs is also a sign of them feeling or experiencing anxiety may be due to their environment or surroundings. 

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Medical Reasons For Dog Licking Lips

There can be an underlying health problem if your dog keeps licking lips and a few of them are given below.

  • Dehydration- One of the most common problems in dogs is dehydration. When the dogs get sick they suffer from appetite and fluid losses due to vomiting and diarrhea. This leads to dogs licking their lips. 
  • Dog licking lips nausea- Dogs who suffer from nausea often hypersalivation and due to this reason, they keep licking their lips. This happens mostly before when they are about to vomit. 
  • Dental disease- Dental diseases in dogs are very common and dogs constant licking lips can be a sign of it. The plaque in the teeth of the dogs turns to tartar and leads to periodontal disease. 
  • Insect bites- The dogs are frequently bitten by small mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and bees, etc. Sometimes a bite of these small insects around the mouth can lead to an itching sensation and to getting rid of it dogs lick their lips. 

What To Do For Dog Licking Lips? 

If your dog is licking lips then you should determine either the cause of it or check if there is an underlying health issue that you need to address.

  • The first important thing is to see if your dog is licking his lips due to anxiety or not. If your dog is uncomfortable in any situation then you might find them doing this. Sometimes dogs even lick their lips to show aggression to other dogs. 
  • Dog licking their lips during the training session is very normal and is a sign of them feeling tired or confused. You can consider giving them a simpler task or just end the session for the day.
  • Excessive licking can be a concern as it might signify some major health problems in dogs like dental problems, nausea, and Oral ulcerations, etc.
  • If you feel like your dog keeps licking his lips then you can go to the nearby veterinary doctor and do a checkup of your dog. 


What Does It Mean When A Dog Keeps Licking Its Lips?

When a dog keeps licking its lips it means that it is trying to send a message. Licking lips in dogs are often associated with signs of appeasement. Dogs even lick their lips when they are frustrated or confused.

What Is Licking Lips A Sign Of?

Licking lips is a sign of something we desire. Sometimes while eating the dogs like their food and want more of it so they show it by the gesture of licking lips.

Why Does My Dog Keep Licking His Lips At Night?

When dogs feel threatened or uncomfortable they lick their lips so your dog might be licking his lips at night due to this reason. Studies show that dogs also lick their lips to show aggression and rage to the other dogs.

Why Does My Dog Keep Licking His Lips And Yawning?

Dog licking his lips and yawning can be caused due to a loose tooth or fractured tooth in the mouth. Gingivitis can also be the reason for your dog yawning and licking his lips.

Do Dogs Lick Their Lips When Happy?

Lip licking is also often referred to as an appeasement gesture. Dogs exhibit certain behaviors and actions when they feel stressed or uncomfortable. It’s usually because there is something going on around them that they perceive as a threat.

Why Is My Dog Licking His Lips And Drooling?

The most common reason dogs lick at their mouths combined with hypersalivating is nausea. Most dogs that are nauseated will drool then lick at their mouths before they vomit.

Should I Be Worried If My Dog Keeps Licking His Lips?

You could be holding a treat, or you could be walking together past a restaurant that smells good. In any of these situations, it’s not uncommon to see your dog lick his lips a few time because he wants to eat the food in question. This is perfectly normal behavior and is nothing to worry about in your dog.


Dog licking lips is a very common thing that we often see dogs doing. But there can be many reasons for dogs licking their lips. If you are searching why does my dog keep licking his lips. Then, in the above article your this question will be answered. I have also mentioned the behavioral and medical problems related to dogs licking their lips. Dogs are wonderful pets and we must take care of them at all times. Before drawing any conclusions I will suggest that you should take your pet to a veterinary doctor. I am sure that after reading the article you will get detailed information on dog licking lips and problems associated with it.

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