How Long Do Spiders Live?

The answer to the question of how long do spiders live? depends on the type of spider. On average a house spider has a life cycle of nearly can live for several years. The spiders can also survive without eating for some time. The 38000 to 40000 different types of spider species have different breeding habits. Yet of their differences, the spider life cycle has some common aspects. Below we can see everything about the life span/life cycle of spider’s life.

How Long Do Spiders Live?

Every species of spider has its traits and life expectancy but mostly all spiders live for one to two years. Some species live longer than others. Like a Female Trapdoor spider in Australia had its life of 43 years. Spiders can also survive for a long time even with a lack of food. Some species can also live for two years without feeding. When talking about house spiders they can survive for only 1 to 2 months without feeding.

How Long Do Wolf Spiders Live?

Male wolf spiders live for nearly a year whereas female wolf spiders can live a little longer than males. Wolf spider is one of the most common species and there are many different types of wolf spiders.

How Long Do Jumping Spiders Live?

Jumping spiders can live from 6 months to 3 years. Female Jumping Spiders live longer than males spiders.

How Long Do House Spiders Live?

House spiders may live up to a year or two.

How Long Does a Funnel Weaver Spider Live?

The Funnel Weave spiders can live from 5 years to 7 years in a house. Funnel Spiders as also known as Domestic House spiders they are one of the most common species in the world.

Funnel Weaver is one of the most common house spiders

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How Long Do Garden Spiders Live?

A garden Spider can live its life for about a year. Females mostly die after mating if they survive then they can live for several years.

How long does a black widow live?

Black Widows can live up to 3 years. Black Widow spiders are some of the most venomous spiders. Male ones are smaller than female spiders. Females are black while males are dark purple or grey.

Life Cycle of a Spider

The life of a spider begins in its egg sacs itself. The number of eggs in a single egg sac depends on the type of spider. Below are the different stages of a spider’s life.


Some may lay a single egg and some to thousands. All the female spiders defend their egg in different ways.  You will see that some female spiders carry the sac around with them and some may also leave the eggs in a defensive zone to protect them. Some spiders also leave their eggs on their fate. The silk-like eggshell of spiders takes a few weeks to hatch.


The baby spiders also are known as spiderlings are small versions of the adult spiders. As soon as there emerge from the sac they disperse and some release silken threads to catch their food or ride that’s called ballooning.  Before reaching maturity the young spiders molt 3 to 10 times. Molting means shedding the exoskeleton or the outer cover of the body of spiders.

Adult Spiders :

As the spider grows to an adult they spot molting except some species. An adult spider mates and begins the life cycle again by building nests and laying eggs.

How To Get Rid Of House Spiders?

There is no house in the world without a spider in it. They are also beneficial as they eat other household pests like flies.  Here are a few tips to prevent your house from spiders

  • Keep Your House Clean

Regular cleaning of your house especially the corners is the one easiest way to eliminate spider and their nests. Regular sweeping up the webs may dispose of them out. You must also keep the dark corners like storage closets and basements clean as it may become a house for the brown recluse or black widow both the species are very venomous and  dangerous to humans

  • Prevention From Getting Them Inside

You must install tight-fitting screens on your doors and also windows which will prevent spiders or any other insects from entering your house. Also do not leave the cracks on walls and floors fill them immediately.

  • Pest Control / Insecticides

Spraying insecticide outside can also become a barrier for spiders from entering the house. You should have pest control spray seasonally.

  • Traps

You can use sticky traps to catch and eliminate spiders. You can put these sticky traps at night before bedtime in the areas where you see spiders and then clean the areas in the morning.

If you anytime by chance see a black widow or recluse spider in your house you must immediately call the pest control for help. These spiders are too dangerous for human life.


How Long Do Spiders Live In Your House?

Depending on the species of the spiders it can live from one year to 20 years. Spiders rarely reach old age as they face many difficulties and dangers.

Do Spiders Die Of Old Age?

The life span of spiders depends on the species it comes from. A Spider known as Tarantulas can live up to 20 years. In Mexico, they found a Tarantula who was 28 years old.

Should I Let Spiders Live In My House?

It is very normal to see spiders in your house. Even if you do not see one it is very like that there is one hidden from you’re your eyes. You should consider life and let it live until you encounter a spider. But as soon as you find or see a black widow or brown spider immediately seek help from professional pest control.

How Long Can A Spider Live Without Food?

A spider lives without food for about 4 to 8 weeks. Mostly spiders store food for them but if by chance it is gone they can survive for 4 to 8 weeks.

How Long Do Spiders Live Without Water?

They can go long without water and food. Some species kept in a plastic box have lived up to 6 to 10  months

How Long Do Spiders Live On Their Web?

A female web-spinning spider mostly stays in its webs until mating. If by any chance they are not able to catch their food for long they build a new web.

Do Spiders Live For 25 Years?

Female spiders can live from two to more than 25 years, generally outliving males — in part because some female spiders eat the male after mating. Wolf spiders like hanging out on my patio.

How Do Spiders Sleep?

Spiders do not sleep in the same way that humans do, but like us, they do have daily cycles of activity and rest. Spiders can’t close their eyes because they don’t have eyelids but they reduce their activity levels and lower their metabolic rate to conserve energy.

What Is The Shortest Lifespan Of A Spider?

Spiders live anywhere from a few months to past 40 years of age, depending on the species.


Spiders are very commonly seen in our houses have their life span of months to 2 years. Even if you do not see them it is most likely that they are there in your house. You must regularly clean your house especially the dark corners to prevent spiders from making home and laying sac of eggs. As soon as you see a poisonous spider-like black widow you must call help from professional pest control. The time spent in your house by a spider depends on the species and how long do spiders live?

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How long do most house spiders live

How long do spiders live?