10 Things to Do with Your Pet’s Cremated Ashes


Knowing what to do with pet ashes can be challenging when a pet dies. No one is ready for their pet to die, but the choice is up to the owner when the time comes. Cremation is a popular option for many pet owners, allowing you to keep your pet close by in a way that suits you. The other options are to bury the pet as is or taxidermy. The pet cremation cost is often less than you’d think which is why it’s a popular option. Here, we will discuss the top ten ideas to help the owner decide what to do with pet ashes.

Keep Them at Home

One of the simplest things you can do with your pet’s ashes is to keep them at home. This could mean keeping them in an urn or special box or scattering them around your house or garden. Keeping your pet’s ashes at home allows you to feel close to them and helps you to remember all the happy times you shared.

Bury Them in the Yard

Another option for keeping your pet’s ashes at home is to bury them in the yard. This can be an excellent way to create a permanent memorial for your pet and allow you to plant a tree or flowers on top of the grave. The ashes make a great compost as the life cycle can continue through your pet. Using the ashes as compost for flowers, gardens, and trees ensures healthy, beautiful plants.

Scatter Them in a Special Place

Scattering your pet’s ashes can be lovely to say goodbye and help you feel closer to them. If you don’t want to keep your pet’s ashes at home, you could scatter them in a place that is significant to your pet. This could be somewhere they loved to walk, play or sleep, or anywhere else with happy memories.

Make Them into Jewelry

Many companies now offer the service of turning your pet’s ashes into jewelry. This could be a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings, and it provides a unique way to keep your pet close to you at all times. Wearing jewelry made from your pet’s ashes can also be a great conversation starter and a lovely way to remember your pet.

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Turn Them into Art

Another popular option for what to do with pet ashes is to turn them into art. There are now many companies that will take your pet’s ashes and create a piece of art from them. This could be a painting, sculpture, or stained-glass window, providing a beautiful and unique way to memorialize your pet.

Send Them into Space

You could send your pet’s ashes into space for something genuinely out-of-this-world! This is now possible with many companies, allowing you to keep your pet close to you even when they are no longer with you. Sending your pet’s ashes into space is also a great way to celebrate their life in a truly unique way.

Mix Them with Clay

Another creative option for what to do with pet ashes is to mix them with clay and create something new from them. This could be anything from a pottery sculpture to a piece of jewelry, allowing you to be creative with your pet’s ashes. Mixing them with clay is also a great way to ensure that their ashes are not forgotten and that they always have a place in your home.

Add Them to a Tattoo

You could add their ashes to a tattoo for a permanent reminder of your pet. This is becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to keep your pet close. Adding your pet’s ashes to a tattoo is also a great way to memorialize them uniquely and personally.

Make Them into Paperweights

Another option for what to do with pet ashes is to make them into paperweights. This is a simple but effective way to keep your pet’s ashes close by and allows you to remember them every time you see the paperweight. Making pet ashes into paperweights is also a great way to share your pet’s ashes with others, as you can give the paperweights away as gifts.

Donate Them to Science

Finally, another option for what to do with pet ashes is to donate them to science. This is a great way to help others even after your pet has gone, and it allows you to know that their ashes are being put to good use. Donating your pet’s ashes to science is also an excellent way to ensure that they are not forgotten, as they will be helping to further scientific research.

The Importance of Dealing with a Professional and Compassionate Organization

When it comes to your pet’s cremation, it is essential to deal with a professional and compassionate organization. Here are ten things to keep in mind when making arrangements for your pet’s cremation:

  1. Choose an organization that is experienced and reputable.
  2. Be sure to ask about the cremation process and what options are available.
  3. Ask about the possibility of having your pet’s ashes returned to you.
  4. Choose an organization that offers a wide range of services, including transportation and storage of your pet’s remains.
  5. Make sure the organization you choose is licensed and insured.
  6. Be sure to ask about the costs involved in the cremation process.
  7. Ask about the possibility of having a memorial service for your pet.
  8. Choose an organization willing to work with you to create a memorable experience for your pet.
  9. Be sure to ask about the options for scattering or burial of your pet’s ashes.
  10. Choose an organization that will treat you and your pet with compassion and respect.

Conclusion: The Ideas and Services Provided

When a pet dies, it is hard to cope with the loss. One way to help ease the pain is by having a proper burial or cremation service for your furry friend.

Cremation services provide an urn or container for your pet’s ashes. You can then choose what to do with the ashes. There is no right or wrong way to decide what to do with the ashes.

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