Why Is Dog Training Important?

“ It’s essential to learn and understand the language of dogs so that we can come to know what our dogs are trying to tell us, and it is a secret of living life together”- Turid Rugaas, a famous Norwegian dog trainer and author. 

Dogs, with their loyalty, friendliness, trust, and faithfulness brings pure joy to our daily life and are proven to be great companions. It is important to understand your pup better, what he needs, what he likes, and how to be friendly with him, to have a long-lasting and happy relationship with him. It will be a joyful moment in our life when a new puppy enters our home. It also increases our responsibility towards them to inculcate good behaviours and to listen to certain commands.

Training your dog helps in communicating easily with him through a common language. It helps in understanding what they are trying to convey to us. Sometimes, dogs will be stubborn or will misbehave with people. No matter how well-behaved a pup you have, it needs to learn a few manners or guidance for learning new things.

Why is it important to train your dog?

It’s not necessary to be an ethologist to be a good pet parent, but you need to be observant, and sensitive to know your pet better.  How much you love your pet or how much you care for him will determine how good you are as a pet parent. It depends on how much you are involved with your pet. Training your dog is your responsibility as a pet parent. 

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But why Dog Training is very important?

The most important reason to train your dog is to teach him to live with us, obey the rules of the house, mingle with everyone in the family and not harm anyone, etc. As a dog’s behaviour can be improved during the earlier stages, it is necessary to train your pup right from the time when you adopt him.

Dog training is a very important phase in his life. His well-being, social skills and behaviour of the dog depend on how he has been trained. It also gives control to the owners to handle them in some situations. It also avoids some of the unnecessary behavioural changes in your dog. Without proper training, it may become difficult for your furry companion to cope-up with your friends or relatives and also with other pets.

Training your pup doesn’t only mean preparing him for the show, dog sports or circus, but it is important for him to live with you happily and friendly.

Train Your Pup To Know Him Better:

Dogs being different from humans have many uncommon things, like the way they try to communicate, their food habits or nutrition habits, body cooling methods, sleep cycles, etc.

Dogs shook paws with humans some 16,000 years ago and from then dogs became ultimate partners for humans and it changed the lives of both. Since then, man has taken the responsibility of caring for them and keeping them happy and healthy. 

In return, dogs also started being faithful and obedient towards their masters, guarding the master’s property with keen interest. Understanding how he learns and applying positive training methods will improve a healthier relationship with your pup. It makes learning easy, rewarding and successful. 

A good training technique builds mutual trust and rewards for excellent conduct.

Let us further dive into knowing the benefits of training your dogs.

What Are The Benefits Of Training Your Dog?

1. Improves Your Dog’s Behaviour

Good training improves patience, develops self-discipline and results in good behaviour of your dog and enhances the mutual understanding between you and your dog. It also helps in a positive relationship.

In order to achieve balance with the dog, a tough trainer will use training that includes punishment. In this, the trainer tries to teach the dog by becoming his ‘alpha’ or ‘pack leader.’ But this type of training failed nowadays as it involves methods that physically and psychologically harm your dog.

On the other hand, positive training reinforces the relationship, it rewards and motivates your dog for his good behaviour.

2. Teaches Life Skills For Your Dog

You might be thinking that domestic dogs may have the capability to adjust to human society than those living in the wild. But do you know, it pressurizes them to live with the people and need to learn how to deal with them? If you won’t teach your dog properly it may lead to destructive behaviour such as they may become anxious and start eating up or damaging your furniture or other valuable stuff in your absence. Or they even act aggressively with other persons or pets. So training in a positive way helps in reducing the destruction.

3. Helps To Avoid Conflicts

It’s important that your pooch has to get socialized with other people and pets. If it won’t become comfortable with others, it may result in conflicts or may injure your pup or someone’s pet. 

You can’t keep your pup away from other animals always. It may be approached by other animals at some point in his lifetime. To avoid anxiety or aggression towards another animal, he has to become sociable.

This can be achieved by obedience training when he is young. It teaches your canine to be comfortable with other pets without showing any anxiety or aggression.

4. Behaves Well When Left Alone

The measure risk of owning a pet is leaving them on their own. Sometimes, you have to leave your pup alone at home and you have to be sure that he’ll behave properly and don’t spoil any of your belongings. He may bark or howl continuously disturbing your neighbours or he may chew up anything on his way. It may be due to the fact that he will become upset when you are not around him. If you train him properly the good behaviours it reduces separation anxiety.

5. Makes Your Dog Safer

A dog that doesn’t obey commands will prone to danger. It might not understand the hazard on its way. For example, if he doesn’t understand your commands, when the car or vehicle is coming he may get hit by that vehicle.

If he is well trained, he will listen to all your commands and have fewer chances of falling into danger. You can teach your dog to sit and wait before crossing the road. It also helps you to find him when he is lost.

Final Thoughts

You may have brought a new puppy home and thinking about when to start his training. Of course, the best time to train your dog is when he is still in puppyhood. It’s never too late to train your dog.

If your furry friend is showing behavioural issues then you have to teach him obedience training. It may be challenging to train your pooch but at the same, if you reward him for his good behaviour then it will be worth it. When your pup is trained properly you can have many benefits and need not have to worry about their behaviour.

Training also helps you to understand your pup well and also you can better communicate with him.

Leading your dog for what’s right than punishing him for doing something wrong can be better because the latter builds trust issues and a fearful bond between you and your pup. Positive training leads to loyalty and happy bonding.

That’s all about importance of doggy training.

What do you feel about this article? What are your takeaways? Please give your valuable feedback.

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