Why Parents Should Look After Themselves

Parents are like those banyan trees under the shadow of which several small plants and trees (their children) live and survive. Parents spend their whole life to nurture, take care and to raise their children with all the facilities they can provide in their capacity to their child. For this, parents work day and night and earn money to support the education of their kids and sometimes they even don’t take their holidays so that they can earn incentive and fulfil wishes and academic needs of their child like stationaries. Parents have to get engaged with their child’s education and learning 24×7. Doesn’t matter how tired they are and how hectic their day goes, they come to their home and sit by their kid’s side to help him/her in his/her studies. They also take care of their kid’s health all the time and feed him/her nutritious meals which makes his/her health so strong that it can bear the burden of hectic learning schedules and different activities at the school or colleges. Even the school management system of schools accept that the role of parents is very important in the learning and education of students. Therefore, the school management system has also provided an  LMS portal to assist online learning of the students. It is so because parents don’t have to worry about the safety of kids while online learning because the LMS portal takes care of it properly. but among all these responsibilities, parents forget to take care of themselves. They forget that their health is directly proportional to their family’s happiness and well-being. If they have to take care of their kid’s health then they should have to keep their own health also fit and fine. 

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Parents need to be in calm and supportive place in order to support their child’s education and learning. So, it is essential for them to look after themselves. Parents should do innovative things regarding their kid’s learning instead of getting worried only. Like they should meet with representatives of their kid’s school and discuss about their kids. School managements support such cooperative plans of action where tutors and parents work mutually for kid’s learning and education. Parents need not to take burden of the education and learning on their own only, they can take help of the family and peer groups. Some times such helps make a big difference and people help without judging you. On the other hand, you come to know that others are also facing same challenges in nurturing a kid and taking care of his/her learning. Parents can work in a strategic manner to take care of their child’s learning process and can decrease the burden from his head. Parents can contact their children’s school and can discuss the concerns about their kid’s learning and education. In this collaborative way there is greater chance of their child to stay in school, develop his/her interest in learning and perform well in his/her academics. 

Most importantly if the parents are looking after their kid’s health, then they need to take care of their health too so that they can be beside their kids in the hour of their need. For this, they need to be active by going on walks, keeping their mood light by listening to their favourite music and dancing to its tunes or they can join any gym or sports club. Rest is very important for their health hence; they need to have a sound sleep of 6-8 hours so that they have balance in their personality physically and mentally. They should set an example for their kids too by avoiding fast foods and by adopting healthy and nutritious meals in their daily routine. Apart from their several responsibilities, parents should grab some time to meet their dear ones, peers and relatives so that some freshness should be there in life. Parents should not bring the tensions of work at home and they should have a positive attitude towards their kid’s school and kid also which will motivate his/her learning power. Parents should make a positive aura around them and their kid too by celebrating the little wins of life. Celebrations make you forget the stress and anxiety of life. Apart from this, parents should be role models for their child in the matter of strength and motivation.

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