Which time is best for job search in Dubai?

Finding a job in the United Arab Emirates is not easy, both in terms of suitable positions and financial costs. Before you start looking for a job abroad, you should have a clear idea of what this move will bring you in the future. The Arab Emirates is one of the few countries where there is a career path, and it’s quite difficult for a foreign national to get a high position right away. 

Therefore, in this article from layboard.in  we will try to figure out the easiest way to get to the country legally and quickly with minimal losses, as well as when to start the job search itself! 

There are three standard job search options:

  1. The first option is completely free and you send your resume to all the local hotels and recruitment agencies. I want to clarify this right away and eliminate this option from the list because it is not cost effective. The truth is that all hotels have (staffing) agencies overseas and only recruit through them. Rarely, if ever, can they afford to hire a candidate “off the street,” but it happens if you are very lucky. Usually all relevant resumes that go to the hotel’s human resources department go into the hotel’s “favorites” resume folder, and perhaps at some point your resume is pulled out for consideration, and the rest of the resumes, for the most part, are simply deleted. If you have a lot of free time, you can try it, although the result is obvious.
  2. You can also find a reputable recruitment agency online or in your city that will advise you and make a good CV without changing its meaning. However, the head of the agency should be clear about your minimum requirements and expectations. Reputable agencies will not ask you for a financial contribution before you start work, which is usually on a contractual basis and costs around $500 on average. This is also a big advantage – you will find a suitable job and you can carry on with your normal life. Most importantly, it guarantees you security and reliability in your professional life.
  3. The third option is to live in the country itself, where roboticists can find you special. This will allow you to get your chances. Then add your resume with city coordinates. You will definitely be called for an interview. Look for a job with a salary of at least 3,000 euros at once, which in principle is possible with a high salary.

Which option to use, only you choose!

Here you have decided on your option and are wondering when is the best time to start your job search?

I have several options for answering this question:

1. Naturally, we recommend that you start preparing today, right away!

The more time you have, the better. You study the issue, you prepare, you improve yourself and your skills. Thus, you have a chance not only to be chosen by the company, but also to have the right to choose yourself. 

That is, in order for the company to fight for your candidacy – you have to prepare well. In order to prepare – you need time. In order to have time – it is necessary not to put it off to the last minute, but to take it and do it right now!

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2. Keep in mind, it takes a very long time to review applications in Dubai. And this is a paradox, because this is a city with a frenzied pace, where everything is developing at an incredible speed, but to get feedback on your resume can be even in 1.5 and 2 months and you should be ready for it.

3. On the way to resolve any issue, you will always go through these stages:

The unconscious incompetence stage is when you don’t even know what you don’t know.

For example: you start looking for a job in Dubai, but without starting to research it, you don’t even know what tools you need to do it. And not to be in a similar situation, I recommend you to read several articles on our site, which reveal all the tricks of employment.

Then you go to the stage of conscious competence – you have the awareness and understanding that a tool is necessary but you don’t have it yet.

For example: to find a job in Dubai, you will definitely need a resume, a video resume and a motivational letter.

After acquiring the experience you have all the actions happen on automatic and it is unconscious competence. 

For example: driving a car.

So, until you start looking for a job in Dubai – you are at stage one. So, start preparing as early as possible, because there is a lot of information and you need to prepare    everything gradually.

4. Delaying your job search in Dubai to the last minute, you start doing everything in a   hurry, you rush, you create more and more mistakes, you do not do quality work.

5. Finding a job for a non-standard position such as a lawyer, jeweler, marketer, doctor, etc. requires a lot more time and more complicated preparation.

If you are interested in such positions as a waiter, hostess, or salesperson, there are a lot of vacancies, don’t even doubt your employment, but also here preliminary preparation is also necessary.

6. Don’t forget about timely completion of current affairs – leave work properly, prepare loved ones for separation, and in general, complete unclosed cases.

With these arguments, we hope we’ve proven to you that you need to start looking for a job in Dubai as early as possible. Do your research, get ready, and get your dream job now! 

Go now!

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