What Is Mismagius Weak Against?

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Mismagius, a captivating Ghost-type Pokémon known for its mystical allure and enigmatic presence, possesses unique strengths and weaknesses in battles. Despite its ethereal and formidable nature, Mismagius does have vulnerabilities against certain elemental types. Let’s explore Mismagius’ weaknesses and the strategic considerations trainers should bear in mind during Pokémon battles.

What Is Mismagius Weak Against?

  • Pure Ghost-Type: Mismagius is a Ghost-type Pokémon, granting it advantages against certain types but also leaving it susceptible to specific elemental attacks.
  • Evasion and Vulnerability: While Ghost-type Pokémon like Mismagius have immunities and resistances, they also possess weaknesses that trainers must be mindful of in battles.

Elemental Weaknesses

  • Dark-Type Attacks: Mismagius is notably weak against Dark-type moves. Dark-type attacks are super effective against Ghost-type Pokémon, including Mismagius, making it vulnerable to these moves.

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Strategic Considerations In Battles

  • Anticipating Dark-Type Moves: Trainers using Mismagius in battles should exercise caution when facing Pokémon with access to Dark-type moves. Predicting and countering these attacks becomes crucial to Mismagius’ survival.
  • Team Composition and Support: Building a balanced team that covers Mismagius’ weaknesses by incorporating Pokémon that can counter Dark-type threats or absorb Dark-type attacks can enhance Mismagius’ effectiveness in battles.

Strengths And Versatility

  • Ghost-Type Advantages: Mismagius’ Ghost typing grants it advantages against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon, allowing it to deal super effective damage against these opponents.
  • Diverse Moveset: Mismagius possesses a diverse moveset, including various Ghost-type and Psychic-type moves, enabling it to wield a range of attacks in battles.


While Mismagius exhibits strengths inherent to its Ghost typing, its susceptibility to Dark-type moves necessitates careful strategic planning during battles. Trainers must anticipate and mitigate these weaknesses while leveraging Mismagius’ strengths to secure victories in Pokémon battles.

Understanding the elemental weaknesses and strengths of Pokémon like Mismagius is essential in formulating effective battle strategies, ensuring a well-rounded team composition, and maximizing each Pokémon’s potential in a trainer’s lineup.


What Is Super Effective Against Mismagius?

The best Pokemon Go Mismagius counters are Mega Gengar, Mega Tyranitar, Shadow Tyranitar, Mega Banette, Mega Houndoom & Mega Rayquaza.

What Can Defeat Mismagius?

Mismagius is weaker to Normal, Dark type Pokémon and vulnerable to Ghost, Dark type Pokémon in a battle.

What Is Strong Against Mismagius Scarlet?

As a Dark/Steel-type with a powerful Physical stat spread, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Kingambit is the perfect foil for Mismagius. The only issue is the part Steel-type, but this can be worked around. Kingambit should bring Kowtow Cleave, Swords Dance, Iron Head, Taunt or Rain Dance.

What Beats Misdreavus?

The best Pokemon Go Misdreavus counters are Shadow Gengar, Shadow Chandelure, Mega Gengar, Mega Banette, Mega Absol & Mega Tyranitar.

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