What Is Makimas Power?

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What Is Makimas Power?

In the realm of anime and manga, certain characters possess unique and extraordinary abilities that captivate audiences worldwide. Makima’s power, featured in the popular manga series “Chainsaw Man” created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, is one such captivating force. Makima, a central character in the series, wields a mysterious and formidable power that plays a crucial role in the storyline. In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of Makima’s power, its capabilities, and its profound impact on the narrative.

Understanding Makima’s Power:

Makima’s power is initially introduced as “Control Devil,” highlighting her ability to manipulate and control various entities and individuals. As the story progresses, the true extent and nature of her power become more apparent, revealing a complex and enigmatic force.

Capabilities Of Makima’s Power:

  1. Mind Control: One of the core aspects of Makima’s power is her ability to exert control over the minds of others. She can manipulate individuals, bending their will to suit her objectives. This power grants her the ability to command and influence those under her control, effectively shaping events and outcomes.
  2. Contract Formation: Makima’s power enables her to form contracts with other devils or individuals, granting her significant influence over them. These contracts establish a symbiotic relationship, allowing Makima to utilize the abilities of those she contracts with and, in turn, providing her allies with various benefits.
  3. Enhanced Physical Abilities: In addition to her mental manipulation, Makima possesses enhanced physical capabilities. She exhibits exceptional combat skills, agility, and strength, making her a formidable opponent in battle.
  4. Immortality: Another intriguing aspect of Makima’s power is her apparent immortality. Throughout the series, she sustains severe injuries and even death, only to return unscathed, suggesting an extraordinary regenerative ability or resilience beyond human limits.

Impact On The Narrative:

Makima’s power plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of “Chainsaw Man” and the dynamics of the characters within the story. Her abilities create a sense of intrigue and uncertainty, as her motives and true nature remain shrouded in mystery. Her control over other characters drives the plot forward, fueling conflicts, alliances, and betrayals.

Moreover, Makima’s power challenges the notions of free will and individual agency. It raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of control, manipulation, and the moral implications of wielding such power.

The Complexity Of Makima’s Power:

While Makima’s power seems formidable and overwhelming, its precise nature and limitations are intentionally left ambiguous in the series. As the story unfolds, readers are left to decipher the full extent of her abilities and the implications they hold.


Makima’s power in “Chainsaw Man” is a captivating force that adds depth, mystery, and tension to the narrative. With her mind control, contract formation, enhanced physical abilities, and apparent immortality, she emerges as a formidable and complex character. As readers dive into the story, the enigmatic nature of her power raises intriguing questions and fuels speculation about her true intentions and the ultimate consequences of her actions. “Chainsaw Man” showcases Makima’s power as a driving force that intertwines with the intricate threads of the plot, leaving audiences eager to unravel the mysteries surrounding her abilities and their ultimate impact.

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What Is Makima’s True Power?

Perhaps the most iconic of her powers is her ability to control, command, and manipulate, which is very much in tune with her character, being the Control Devil and all. Her ability, which extends to both animals and humans, allows her to manipulate others into forming devil contracts with her.

Why Is Makima Feared By Power?

Power has always had a deep fear of Makima, likely due to her prowess as the Control Devil. Even now, Makima’s unsettlingly calm commands cut through Power like butter. Makima offers Power a chance to be her pet again if she hands over Chainsaw Man, immediately turning the worry in Power’s eyes to excitement.

Is Makima The Most Powerful?

The dominating yet suspicious Makima is absolutely the most powerful Devil Hunter out there. As the Control Devil, Makima is able to force people into contracts with her and make them give all of themselves to her. She’s done this with thousands of people, even the Prime Minister of Japan is under her control.

Is Makima Stronger Than Gun Devil?

The Gun Devil would win in a fight against Makima.. And while Makima is dangerous because of her powers, which enable her to control others, on her own, she couldn’t do much against the Gun Devil.


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