What Is Hipfire In CoD?

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What Is Hipfire In CoD?

In the fast-paced and action-packed world of Call of Duty (CoD), precise aiming and quick reflexes can make all the difference between victory and defeat. One fundamental aspect of gameplay that every CoD player should understand is hipfire. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey in the world of first-person shooters, this blog will dive into what hipfire is in Call of Duty and why it’s a crucial skill to master.

Understanding Hipfire

Hipfiring, often referred to simply as “hipfire,” is a shooting technique where a player fires their weapon without aiming down sights (ADS). In Call of Duty, this means not using the right mouse button (on PC) or aiming trigger (on consoles) to look through the weapon’s sights. Instead, you rely on the weapon’s default crosshairs or reticle to aim and shoot.

Key Points To Know About Hipfire In CoD:

  1. Speed and Mobility: Hipfiring allows you to maintain a higher level of mobility and speed compared to ADS. This can be especially advantageous in close-quarter combat situations where split-second reactions are critical.
  2. Accuracy and Spread: Hipfire accuracy varies between different weapons. Typically, hipfiring is less accurate than aiming down sights, but some weapons are more accurate when hipfiring than others. Submachine guns (SMGs) and shotguns tend to have better hipfire accuracy compared to assault rifles or sniper rifles.
  3. Crosshair Placement: Proper crosshair placement is crucial when hipfiring. You need to align your crosshairs with the enemy’s position before firing to increase your chances of hitting the target.
  4. Attachments and Perks: In CoD, you can improve hipfire accuracy through attachments and perks. Laser sights, for example, often enhance hipfire accuracy, allowing you to be more effective in close-range engagements.
  5. Situational Awareness: Hipfiring is often the go-to technique when caught by surprise at close range. Maintaining situational awareness and quick reactions can save your life when you don’t have time to ADS.
  6. Practice Makes Perfect: Like any skill in Call of Duty, mastering hipfire takes practice. Spend time in-game experimenting with different weapons to understand their hipfire characteristics and when it’s best to use this technique.

When To Hipfire?

Knowing when to hipfire is as important as knowing how to do it. Here are some scenarios where hipfiring can be highly effective:

  1. Close-Quarter Combat: When your enemy is within a few meters and you need to react quickly, hipfiring is often the best option to maintain your mobility.
  2. Shotguns and SMGs: Weapons in these categories are generally designed for close-range engagements, making hipfiring a natural choice.
  3. Surprise Encounters: If you round a corner and find an opponent unexpectedly, hipfiring can help you get shots off faster than aiming down sights.
  4. Strafing and Dodging: When you need to move unpredictably during a gunfight, hipfiring allows you to maintain agility.


Hipfiring is a fundamental skill in Call of Duty that can significantly impact your performance in close-range engagements. While it might not be as precise as aiming down sights, it offers speed, mobility, and the ability to react swiftly in critical situations. As you continue your CoD journey, remember that practice and understanding weapon mechanics are key to mastering hipfire and becoming a more formidable player in the world of fast-paced combat.

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What Is The Difference Between Ads And Hip Fire?

– ADS stands for aim down sight, which means using a scope to aim. – Hipfire means shooting without aiming. – If you are new to the game and used to playing PUBG, you will likely use hipfire more often. – Adding a laser sight to your weapon can improve hipfire accuracy.

What Is Hit Firing?

Hip firing is shooting without aiming down the sight. It’s good if your enemy / enemies are quite close to you, because aiming down the sight in that situation could make you lose your sight to them because of the zoom of your scope etc.. 1.

What Is Hip Fire And Ads In Codm?

Updated On: 27 Jul 2023, 02:53 AM. Hip Fire in CoDM is the art of firing your weapon without aiming down the sights. With the help of the right attachments and perks, players can play with Hip Fire in CoDM more easily without worrying too much about recoil. Here is a guide on how to use Hip Fire in CoDM.

What Does Hip Fire Kills Mean In Warzone?

You are right — Hipfire kills are kills done from the hip, in other words no aiming.

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