What Is A Pokemon VSTAR Card?

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In the ever-evolving world of Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), innovation and new card releases continually captivate trainers and collectors alike. Pokémon VSTAR cards represent a recent addition to the TCG landscape, introducing a new level of power and excitement to battles. In this blog, we’ll explore the phenomenon of Pokémon VSTAR cards, their significance, and their impact on the gameplay and collector community.

What Is A Pokemon VSTAR Card?

The Pokémon TCG has a rich history of introducing new card types that revolutionize gameplay dynamics. From basic Pokémon to GX, EX, and V cards, each new iteration has brought unique strategies and excitement to battles. Pokémon VSTAR cards represent the latest evolution in this tradition, elevating the power levels and strategies available to players.

What Are Pokémon VSTAR Cards?

Pokémon VSTAR cards are a new class of ultra-powerful Pokémon cards introduced in recent TCG sets. They feature iconic Pokémon with boosted HP, devastating attacks, and powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battles. These cards stand out with their unique foil patterns, intricate artwork, and a distinct VSTAR designation, signifying their exceptional strength and rarity.

Significance In Gameplay:

The introduction of Pokémon VSTAR cards adds a new layer of strategy and power to TCG battles. These cards often come with formidable attacks and abilities, allowing players to employ unique tactics and create stronger decks. Their increased HP and powerful attacks can swing the momentum of battles, making them highly sought after by competitive players and collectors alike.

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Impact On Collectors:

Pokémon VSTAR cards have captured the attention of collectors due to their rarity, striking designs, and significant gameplay impact. Their limited availability and enhanced power levels make them highly desirable additions to TCG collections, often becoming prized possessions among enthusiasts.

Examples And Excitement:

Popular Pokémon such as Charizard, Pikachu, and Eevee have received the VSTAR treatment, amplifying their already iconic status within the TCG community. The release of these powerful VSTAR cards generates excitement and anticipation among players and collectors, driving interest in new TCG sets and expansion packs.


Pokémon VSTAR cards represent a thrilling evolution in the Pokémon TCG landscape, offering heightened power levels, strategic depth, and collectible appeal. As these ultra-powerful cards continue to make their mark in battles and collections, they solidify their place as coveted and influential additions to the ever-expanding world of Pokémon trading cards. Trainers and collectors alike eagerly anticipate new VSTAR releases, eager to harness the strength and rarity of these exceptional cards.


Is A VSTAR Card Rare?

Not only does VSTAR Universe include previous cards from the Sword and Shield series, it also reprints many of them with new alternate art. Out of every VSTAR Universe card in Pokémon TCG – there are 172 in total – 90 of them are classified as Secret Rares.

Why Did I Pull A VSTAR Card?

When you pull a V Star card in place of energy it does not mean anything. The V Star card is used as a counter to keep track of when you have used your V Star Power (much like the old GX counters). It does not make any difference to the rarity of your pulls.

Why Did I Get A White VSTAR Card?

Tl;dr – Black and White VSTAR Cards are ability markers used in the actual game that sometimes replace your energy in Brilliant Stars packs. They do not necessarily mean your pack includes a VSTAR Pokemon.

Are VSTAR Cards Worth Anything?

These cards that the Pokémon Company included within the VSTAR Universe expansion are Secret Rare variants of the VSTAR cards called Art Rare and Super Art Rare. The illustrations on many of these are truly little works of art, and many of the cards ended up being worth a lot of money as well.

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