Ways To Safely Remove Anaconda Navigator From Your Mac For Cleaning

So, you have a Macbook and, of course, you want to take great care of it. And cleaning is a process. This includes cleaning the keyboard, the screen, and all the dust your laptop has. But also the apps you have on your laptop you may no longer need. Or you might not use it right now. Anaconda Navigator is an open-source popular platform that is usually used to work and manage various data science tools, libraries, and environments.

But how to uninstall python on mac? Uninstall anaconda mac by going through these steps. It helps users to create, manage, and switch between different Python environments on mac, so you can easily uninstall python mac and anaconda for mac following this simple guide.

Step 1 – Back up Your Data

You should back up your data as the first and possibly most important step. Therefore, you should check to see if you have any crucial data or ongoing tasks with Anaconda before learning how to uninstall it on a Mac. Therefore, before learning how to uninstall Anaconda on a Mac, make sure that you have no important data or open tasks. To ensure their security, it is therefore advisable to just save them on the cloud or copy them to an external storage device. It is not as challenging to remove anaconda navigator mac if you follow the guide to uninstall Anaconda Mac and use the CleanMyMac X app too.

Step 2 – Deactivate Environments

If you have actively used anaconda for mac, then you probably have many environments you have worked on. These can interfere with the uninstallation process, so you should deactivate them beforehand. You can use the conda deactivate command in your terminal. After you clean your mac, of course, you can reinstall anaconda and start reusing it. 

Step 3 – Uninstall Anaconda Navigator

Once your environment is clean for Anaconda and you have verified the version, you can begin the uninstallation procedure. Simply launch the Mac’s terminal by selecting it from the Utilities folder on your laptop. Spotlight can be used to find it as well. In the terminal, just type the command to uninstall Anaconda Navigator and its associated components.

Step 4 – Remove Anaconda Directory

You should navigate to your home directory and in the terminal and remove the anaconda directory.

Step 5 – Restart the Directory

You must close and reopen the Terminal for all the changes you made to take effect. This will guarantee that the modifications are implemented.

Step 6 – Empty the Trash Bin

The next step is to permanently delete the Anaconda files you removed earlier. So, you should empty the Trash Bin.

Step 7 – Verify Unistallation

The last step is to verify that all you have done had the intended effect. This means you should not find Anaconda Navigator in your terminal, nor the associated components or files.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your Mac clean is essential so that it functions properly. It is a highly performant laptop but it may lose some of its performance if you keep files and apps you no longer need or use. Going through these steps should help you successfully uninstall the Anaconda Navigator. If you ever need it again, you can easily reinstall it and start using it. As long as you have backed up your files, you can add them to the Anaconda environments and use them.