Top 8 Types of Pet Hair-Resistant Clothing 

Unless you have a shed-free dog or a hairless cat, chances are you know a thing or two about getting pet hair all over your clothing. While you won’t be able to completely get rid of pet hair, there are fabrics you can wear to help lessen the amount of pet hair that ends up on your clothing. Regardless of the type of pet hair-resistant clothing you wear from this list, make sure you keep a handy portable pet hair remover to help you remove dog hair and cat fur on the go!

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  • Chiffon — Silk and chiffon are often grouped together, but they’re actually two different types of fabrics. Chiffon was originally made with silk when it first came onto the fashion scene, a fabric mainly used, according to Mood Fabrics, by the upper class who could afford this luxurious fabric. Today, while it’s still considered a luxurious fabric, it’s more often made with synthetics like polyester and nylon. Because of that, it’s quite affordable for most people. Bonus for you: It’s a pet hair-resistant fabric. Bring on the chiffon skirts and shirts! Even then, you’ll still want a pet hair remover brush to groom your pet and keep excess pet fur off your chiffon clothing.
  • Silk — Everyone loves the comfort of silk sheets, and there’s nothing quite like slipping into an oh-so-soft silk top. Although silk is well-known for its pet hair-repelling properties, just like every other type of clothing on this list, you’ll still see a bit of pet hair on your silk scarf or silk pants every now and then. Use a helpful cat hair removal tool that’s multipurpose, which can not only remove pet hair from non-knit clothing but can also groom your pet like a hairbrush. 
  • Satin — Satin is used for a wide variety of clothing, including fancy cocktail dresses and your quintessential bridesmaid dress. Satin is often confused for silk, but the main difference is that silk is the name of the fiber, while satin is the type of textile weave. Silk fibers can be used to form the satin fabric, and satin can also be made from any long filament fiber. Clothing made from satin is usually quite pet hair-resistant as well.
  • Spandex — While delicate fabrics like chiffon, silk, and satin are pet hair-resistant, they might not hold up as well if your pet likes to jump on you and sticks out their claws or paws from time to time. These more delicate fabrics are ideal for light and easy contact with pets. Synthetic fabrics like spandex not only resist hair shedding, but they’re also more durable with handsy pets.
  • Denim — This durable and tightly woven fabric easily resists pet hair because it’s difficult for pet hair to stick to the tightly woven fabric. Even if hair does stick to your denim jeans from time to time, don’t fret. You can easily remove excess fur with a pet hair remover tool. To be on the safe side, wear darker or lighter jeans where your pet’s hair won’t be as visible, depending on whether your pet has dark or light hair.
  • Leather or Pleather — Your leather or faux leather jacket does more than give your outfit a little edge. You’ll look like a rebel without a cause, and you can go on being that bad boy type without worrying about pet hair sticking to your leather goods. To take proper care of your leather clothing, you’ll need to condition your leather jacket and other clothing from time to time.
  • Moleskin — Moleskin is a densely woven cotton fabric most commonly used in pants and jackets. If you have a sportsman’s jacket or go hiking quite a bit, you might notice your outerwear is made out of this rugged material. Made to withstand the elements, your moleskin jacket is also a pet hair-resistant fabric. There are plenty of benefits that come with wearing moleskin. It’s extremely durable and easily cleaned, but the caveat is that you don’t see a wide variety of clothing made from moleskin.
  • Linen — Linen is another great choice if you’re looking for pet hair-resistant clothing. Linen clothing is made from absorbent fibers that dry fast and last a long time. They’re artfully woven, making linen another tight fabric that is resistant to your pet’s fur.

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Just because we love our furry companions doesn’t mean we need to love the feeling of their hair all over us. Take care of your clothing and all that pet hair by wearing pet hair-resistant clothing. It’ll be less frustrating for you and your dog or cat if you continue practicing routine grooming with a pet hair removal tool. With this kind of tool, you’ll be removing excess fur from the very source. Now put on your favorite denim jacket, chiffon top, and linen pants, and get out there — pet-hair free!