Tips to Make Your Pet Famous on Instagram


You must have come across numerous pet accounts on Instagram boasting a huge following. Many pets on Instagram are more popular than you can ever imagine. Now, being famous doesn’t imply that pets are being recognized on the streets by common people. It means that many people love seeing these pets on their Instagram feed.

People enjoy watching pet videos and browsing their photos on Instagram. Come on, who doesn’t love waking up to a beautiful picture of a dog/cat on their feed? However, there are many pet accounts on Instagram, and you need to stand out among them to get famous.

If your pet account starts getting hits on Instagram, you might start earning via commercials and partnerships. You might also get free tours, food items, and other pet-related products at discounted rates. Continue reading to know a definitive guide for pet owners to become successful on Instagram. Let’s click here to know the photo maker.

  1. Plan Your Pet-Related Content

If you’ve decided to become a pet influencer on Instagram, plan your content. The first step is to collect enough content to get your pet account started on Instagram. Many pet owners start their Instagram account even before bringing their pet home to build anticipation among their followers before posting pet photos/videos.

You can document your journey with the pet from day one on Instagram. However, the best practice is to bring the pet home and start their Instagram channel after a few days. You can collect photos and videos of your pet in the meantime. Once you’ve shot ample pet-related content, you can get started on Instagram.

For boosting the growth on Instagram, you need to post consistently. It’s better to decide what kind of pet-related content you want to create beforehand to avoid any last-minute issues. Instagram allows you to schedule posts for the future, which are then automatically uploaded. If needed, you can download an external app to help you schedule posts on Instagram.

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  1. Set up Your Pet’s Account

Setting up your pet’s account on Instagram requires some effort. First, you have to come up with a catchy username and a profile photo. Make sure you use a high-quality picture of your pet as the Instagram profile picture.

When deciding the name, you can use the name of the pet and any of its qualities. Say, you have a dog named ‘Dave’ who follows your orders strictly. Now, you can choose an Instagram username like ‘Distinguished_Dave’ or ‘Disciplined_Dave’ to catch users’ attention.

The next step is to decide on a witty Instagram bio that can attract users. While setting up your pet’s Instagram account, you can write a catchy bio that best describes your pet. You can also link the username of your personal Instagram account in the bio of your pet’s account.

While deciding the bio for your pet’s Instagram account, make sure you don’t copy others. Keep it original to build a good reputation on Instagram. You can search the internet for catchy bio ideas and can get inspired.

If you don’t want to disclose your name (pet owner name) on Instagram, you can keep it a secret. While creating a new account, your followers on the personal account won’t receive a notification, so no worries. You can remain anonymous and make your pet the showstopper on Instagram.

  1. Make Pet Videos

Once you’re done setting up your pet’s Instagram, it’s now time to post content and gain followers. One of the best types of content on any social media platform is video content. Users on Instagram love seeing cute or interesting pet videos every day. If you make exciting pet videos, you can gain fame quickly on Instagram.

To create effective Instagram video content, you need an editing tool. An online video editor will let you include transitions, overlays, filters, animations, and music in your pet videos. The built-in editing features of Instagram are good, but you can discover a whole new dimension of video creation with an online video editor.

You can make the best use of advanced editing effects for making professional pet videos. Many Instagrammers think that video platform subscriptions are expensive. Well, you can find many reputed video editors that offer a lifetime free version. If you’re new to making pet-related videos, use a video editor with a simple UI.

  1. Try Everything While Posting on Instagram

Instagram lets you share videos on your feed or via IGTV. IGTV supports lengthy Instagram videos compared to feed videos. Besides Instagram videos, you can also post Instagram stories featuring your pet for increasing engagement. Trying different types of Instagram posts can make your pet account more popular.

You can also post cute pet photos every hour via Instagram stories. They will disappear after 24 hours but can be instrumental in building a relationship with your followers and making your pet account grow. You can also try posting boomerangs from your pet account to drive engagement.

  1. Don’t Forget to Tap on the Business Account Button

Why exactly are you making your pet famous on Instagram? Most pet owners look at it as a full-time business. If your Instagram account gets verified, you can earn a lot through paid partnerships and advertisements. There are many verified pet accounts on Instagram that boast of a huge following.

The first step you can take towards earning is making a business account on Instagram. By making a business account, you’re hinting that you’re ready for paid collaborations. Many brands love to make Instagram influencers (yes, even furry ones) the faces of their marketing campaigns. However, this can only happen if you earn more followers and have a large community on Instagram.

As your channel grows, you may receive partnership offers. Fans may share handmade fan art of their pet on Instagram. Local stores may recognize your influence and may indulge in paid partnerships. For example, if you have an Instagram account for your dog with a huge following, you could receive advertisement offers from brands that make dog-care products. This can all happen if you start a business account on Instagram for your pet.

  1. Compel the Audience to Keep Coming Back

You can add a human touch to your pet’s Instagram account by sharing witty captions. Besides sharing witty captions, you can create a persona for your pet. For example, many pet accounts share English subtitles whenever their pet makes sounds as if they’re speaking the human language. If your subtitles match the facial expressions of your pet, you can attract tons of Instagram users. Try to include your pet in your daily activities and film your hijinks to keep Instagram viewers interested.

In Conclusion

Start an Instagram account for your pet this year and earn a huge following. With the right strategy and consistent content, your pet could soon be an Instagram star. Start making pet videos on Instagram in 2022!

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