The Most Famous Dog Paintings to Hang in Children’s Bedrooms

Everybody knows the saying “A dog is a man’s best friend,” meaning that human beings and their canine pets share a sacred and vital bond; however, having a dog as a pet is also a lot of work as they require constant care and attention, not to mention cleaning up after their mess.

Dogs have often been compared to children regarding the level of responsibility in raising one. There is even a saying in pop culture today known as “dog parent.” So why not forego this responsibility, and show your appreciation for these fantastic creatures in the form of a painting instead?

Speaking of dogs and children, the two share a particularly close bond in the family sense and spirit. So having a painting of a dog in your child’s room is a great way to promote the good vibes of love and security. The following article looks into some of the best and most well-known dog paintings.

A Friend in Need (Dogs Playing Poker) by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

When talking about famous dog paintings by artist name, the first paintings that come to mind are Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s iconic Dogs Playing Poker series. They are one of the most instantly recognizable paintings, let alone the most famous paintings involving our furry four-legged friends.

These charming and quirky paintings, which number eighteen in total, depict different breeds of dogs in hilarious human situations such as playing pool, ballroom dancing, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, and playing poker.

A Friend in Need is perhaps the most iconic painting of the bunch. In this adorable painting, a pack of dogs is playing poker while two of the dogs can be seen cheating by passing cards to one another under the table. These paintings were inspired by an earlier anthropomorphic painting titled Trial by Jury by fellow dog enthusiast and painter Edwin Landseer.

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Little Girl in a Blue Armchair by Mary Cassatt

Another painting that is just as famous as a stand-alone painting as it is for being a renowned painting involving a dog is American Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt’s magnum opus piece known as the Little Girl in a Blue Armchair.

Cassatt is regarded as one of the best and most impactful female painters. She is most noted for her loving depictions of the relationship between mothers and their children and paintings involving children at play.

In Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, a young girl slouches lazily on a floral blue armchair. Next to her, on another blue armchair, a little Yorkshire Terrier rests in a relaxed posture, mimicking the little girl. With its brilliant color, warmth, and light-heartedness, this would be a great painting on a child’s wall.

Still Life with Three Puppies by Paul Gauguin

If you are looking for an endearing, playful, and vibrant dog painting that you and your children can enjoy together, then French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin’s painting Still Life with Three Puppies might be the one for you.

In this ultra-cute composition, three puppies of the same breed, perhaps siblings, are drinking together from the same pot. Next are three blue goblets, three apples, and a collection of other fruit, which is a throwback to the earlier traditions of still-life painting.

Due to the Post-Impressionist and experimental style of the painting, it contains an almost child-like and dream-like feeling in its depiction. In addition, the bold, stylized colors are sure to make an eye-catching impression on any who views it as it hangs proudly on your wall.

Suspense by Charles Burton Barber

Suspense by English Realist painter Charles Burton Barber is arguably the cutest and most charming painting on this list. All of Barber’s dogs in paintings have an undeniably charming and endearing quality.

Charles Burton Barber was undoubtedly an avid animal lover; this heartfelt appreciation shines through in his artwork. Any of his immaculate dog paintings would look great on a child’s wall and give the room a feeling of comfort.

Suspense is regarded by many as Barber’s finest work, and for a good reason. The painting portrays a sweet young child saying grace in bed before eating her breakfast. A dog and cat also reside on the bed and eagerly await the meal’s start. This heartwarming painting is sure to bring a smile to your face time and time again.

Dignity and Impudence by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

As mentioned earlier, English painter Sir Edwin Henry Landseer is one of the leading dog enthusiast painters of any era. His Romanticist style aptly blends the classical painting style that preceded him and the more Impressionist style that came after him.

Every Landseer dog painting is a grand affair of epic proportions. More than just a picture, Landseer paints gripping stories that leap off the canvas. They encompass many symbols, emotions, and impressions that any classical or modern artist would be proud of. In Dignity and Impudence, all these motifs are on full display.

Two dogs sit together in a kennel staring off in different directions. One is little, and one is significant, and both are adorable. They can be seen to represent many things, such as mother and child, the bonds of friendship, and as the title of the painting suggests, dignity and impudence. Landseer does a beautiful job capturing the soulfulness of the dogs that all dog owners can relate to.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few examples of incredible dog paintings; there are so many more great paintings involving dogs to choose from. The options are limitless, and your are bound to find the perfect painting that matches your kid’s personality.

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