Set Up a Personal Account With a Vanuatu Private Bank

Do you have at least one reserve account? If you don’t, it’s time to get one as the situation in the world is unstable. If you want to add safety to your financial life, it is always better to comply with the diversification principle and keep your money in at least two places. The account in your home country may be frozen due to some reason, and you will be able to switch to the reserve one in this case, which is very convenient. Vanuatu is an excellent offshore jurisdiction, and we offer a private bank for your needs that has very good feedback from customers.

There is much more information on our portal, and we would like to invite you there. In particular, you will find information on how to open a private account in Vanuatu and many other articles on international banking, business, asset protection, tax optimization, investments, and so on. You can also schedule a session with our professional to discuss your situation, needs, and preferences, and find the best possible solution in your case – at no fee! And if you want a hassle-free experience, we can open an account for you remotely with your minimum involvement at an affordable fee. Get in touch with us today and take your first step towards more financial safety!

Vanuatu Private Bank

The institution we recommend was established in Vanuatu in 1997, and this is a major Pacific region bank now that provides a wide range of services under an international license. In 2023, you can take advantage of a remote account opening procedure and have an opportunity to invest your money in profitable projects across the globe and entrust asset management to professionals.

The bank we offer mainly focuses on wealthy customers from various countries. It proposes very good investment projects to account holders and has the following services:

  • Fixed-term deposits
  • Prepaid cards (MasterCard)
  • Settlement of incoming and outgoing payments in multiple currencies
  • Personal and corporate banking
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Registration of a trade account

And that is not all, of course. If you want a particular service, you can get in touch with our expert to see whether the bank can offer it.

Vanuatu Bank: Products and Services

There are two main areas where the bank can provide different services:

  • Capital management
  • Private banking

Capital Management

If you are an individual, a family, or a legal entity that needs a reliable partner to manage your assets, the Vanuatu bank will help you. You will need to book an individual session with an employee, agree upon the capital management strategy according to your goals and preferences, and allow the bank to realize it for you.

You can also order the service of discretionary portfolio management. This is a very convenient option as you will delegate the management of your assets to a team of experts who know how to make the money work in the best way possible.

Private Banking

Let’s look at some online services that the Vanuatu bank can provide.

Prepaid Cards

The bank issues MasterCard prepaid cards for its customers that can be used internationally and provide a number of benefits:

  • You can have 24/7 access to your account and money
  • You will be able to withdraw cash at all ATMs across the world that carry a MasterCard logo
  • Cards can be ordered in different currencies
  • You will not have to pay monthly interest or submit any reports
  • There are multiple possibilities for card replenishment at an affordable fee
  • You can use the card to make transfers and settlements in any stores (physical or online ones)
  • A monthly statement can be sent to you by email or by regular post upon request

Fixed-Term and Savings Accounts

Receiving passive income by opening a savings account remains a popular way of dealing with money despite the fact that the income is not very high due to low risks. The conditions currently offered by the Vanuatu bank are as follows for a 12-month term):


  • 0.8% if your deposit is less than 100,000 euros
  • 1% if the amount ranges between 100,000 and 1 million euros
  • 1.2% if the deposit amount exceeds 1 million euros

US dollars

  • 1.8% if your deposit is less than 100,000 US dollars
  • 2% if the amount ranges between 100,000 and 1 million US dollars
  • 2.2% if the deposit amount exceeds 1 million US dollars

The rates may change at any time, of course. Please get in touch with our experts to receive updated information.

Private Banking

The bank knows that customers highly appreciate customized solutions tailored to their needs, and it is ready to provide them! Take advantage of exclusive private banking, world-class flexible services, and complex solutions to cater to your personal needs.

Personal Account

A foreigner who wants to open an account with a Vanuatu bank will need to collect the required documents and select the desired currency. This is a respectable institution that complies with all the requirements imposed by international regulators, which means that you will have to pass all the necessary KYC and AML checks (and maybe some others).

Trading Services

The Vanuatu bank offers an online trading platform that combines extreme reliability and a wide choice of trade modules. You can use just one account to trade in hundreds of instruments in different types of assets. You can independently manage your portfolio if you want to by investing in futures, bonds, shares, forex, and so on. If you are new to this process, you will be provided a demo account with virtual assets amounting to 100,000 euros.

Online banking

The bank provides an absolutely secure and fully renovated online platform to access and manage your money.

Vanuatu Account Opening: Procedure

Here are the main steps you will have to take:

  • Schedule a one-on-one meeting with our expert to discuss the details.
  • Pay a fee for our assistance in account opening using any payment method convenient to you (from MoneyGram to cryptocurrency).
  • Collect the documents according to the recommendations of our experts and submit them to us for checking and sending to the bank.
  • Wait a little and start using your account and all the products available!

If you doubt that Vanuatu is the right bank for you, you can still contact us and find another jurisdiction and bank that will suit your needs better. We are just a click away!