QR Codes On TV Commercials: How Brands Modernize Advertising On Television

Television is yet to die out. TV viewership has increased with popular streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. 

QR codes on TV commercials modernize how brands approach advertising on the platform, offering viewers something fresh to watch.

Brands can now use this advertising strategy better by using a QR code generator online software loaded with more features.

Thanks to advancements in QR code technology—brought about by its increased popularity due to the pandemic—it’s become an even more comprehensive tool, complete with customization features and data analytics.

So, how are brands using QR codes on TV commercials? Here are a few real-life examples.

Burger King Gives A Free Whopper Through A QR Code

Burger King is no stranger to using QR codes on TV commercials to engage viewers.

In 2020, the food chain launched a TV campaign that offers a free whopper to those lucky enough to scan the QR code on the commercial.

Since this was during the pandemic, the ad kept viewers engaged with a moving QR code across the screen. Those who scanned got a free whopper and then a free meal.

It’s a novel initiative from the fast-food giant to relieve the anxiety of viewers stuck indoors at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak or those suffering from the virus.

WWE’s “White Rabbit” QR Code Leads To Cryptic Messages

Viewers of WWE’s Monday Night Raw last September 26 received another teaser to the “White Rabbit” storyline. 

A QR code is flashed on the screen, which leads to their website page containing a Tiktok video from user @_comewithme. The video showed clips of wrestlers and phrases such as, “Who killed the world?”, “You did” and “Feed the head.”

This keeps viewers engaged with access to exclusive content from the brand. This also creates noise online, keeping fans hyped for what’s about to drop.

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Do you remember the famous DVD logo back in the day? It’s undoubtedly hypnotizing as it bounces across the screen.

That’s precisely what Coinbase did with their infamous QR code during the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events, and advertising in it proves to be very effective for the brand.

They received so much attention and traffic that Coinbase’s website crashed from this ad.

This has boosted the brand’s reputation in the cryptocurrency space and has further popularized the use of cryptocurrency.

NBA Enables Voting For Their Favorite GSW Player With A QR Code

During the game between Golden State Warriors (GSW) and Cleveland Cavaliers, a QR code with call-to-action “dub the vote” appeared on the TV screen.

Those who scanned found a landing page where fans can vote for their favorite GSW player to get selected for the All-Star games.

This has kept the fans engaged not only with the games but with the players as well. Similarly, players and teams can gauge their popularity among fans and the public.

Capitalize On Increasing TV Viewership With QR Codes On TV Commercials

Many brands across different industries have already modernized their advertising through QR codes on TV commercials. You may miss out if you’re yet to capitalize on this strategy.

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