Milo And Snowbell, The Two Naughty Cat Siblings, Were Spoiled With A Cat Water Fountain

Milo and Snowbell, the two naughty cat siblings, were spoiled with a cat water fountain.


A Wireless cat water fountain counted as a saving grace for dehydrated Milo.

 In the cozy suburban neighborhood of Willow Brook, there lived a man named Mark, along with his wife, Sarah. They were proud pet parents to a lively and adorable cat named Milo. Milo, a mischievous Maine Coon cat, brought joy to their lives with his playful antics.

Milo was a very active tabby; he was curious, naughty, and agile. One Sunday, Milo visited the park with Mark as part of his weekly routine. Mark noticed Milo was not as active as ever. He ignored the fact, considering it a normal change in his cat’s behavior. This behavior continued for several weeks. This could be due to the loneliness Milo had to face. He decided to bring another cat sibling for Milo. The next day, Snowbell came to the house. Milo loved his new company. Both cats were poles apart in their behavior but gelled well with each other. Both siblings indulged in their playful acts throughout the day.

Snowbell was a low-energy cat who mostly liked to play with soft toys filled with catnip. On the contrary, Milo was an active pet who loved to mimic catching prey. Suddenly, Mark started to notice Milo being low and lethargic. He couldn’t figure out what went wrong. After seeing Milo’s deteriorating health, he decided to pay a visit to his veterinarian. Milo had sunken eyes and a dry mouth. The doctor immediately diagnosed dehydration. 

The doctor advised Mark to monitor the water intake of both his cats. Mark complained of being busy and asked for a permanent solution to this problem. That’s when the doctor recommended that Mark introduce a Wireless cat water fountain to both his cats.

Wireless Cat Water Fountains and their impact on cats

A wireless cat water fountain is a life-changing device for both the owner and the pet. Cats are considered to have a lower natural thirst as compared to dogs. The reason behind this is that the cat’s ancestors came from desert-dwelling areas of the world and that DNA is very much alive in your cat to date. 70–80 percent of hydration in cats is derived from their food, like meat, crickets, or any insect fluid. Whenever cats get the opportunity and spot water, they quench their thirst. Sometimes cats are put on a dry diet recommended by doctors, and that is where advocating cat water fountains becomes essential.

Most of the time, it gets challenging for pet owners to make sure their cats stay hydrated. There could be several reasons underlying this problem. In some scenarios, the pet owner is mostly occupied with running their daily errands. It could be challenging for them to keep track of their cat’s water intake and also to refill or change the water frequently in a water fountain. In some cases, climate change can impact the water intake of cats. In the winter, humans tend to drink less water; our pets also get the same feeling. To ensure the proper hydration of cats, pet owners should provide warm water to their pets and also need to consider several steps to acknowledge this issue.

Cat’s fascination with the flowing water

Cats, by and large, are drawn to the running water. Whenever a tap is left open in the kitchen or lawn, your cat probably runs towards the flowing water and drinks from it. This fascination with flowing water goes back thousands of years when wild cats used to get allured by running water. A wireless cat water fountain is designed to mimic the waterfall effect. Let’s discuss what factors draw cats toward them. 

  1. Sensory stimulation: Cats are curious creatures and are drawn to the objects that provide them with sensory stimulation. The visual and sensory sounds can capture their attention. This is the reason why cats are easily drawn to a cat fountain.
  2. Cleanliness: Flowing water ensures clean and uncontaminated water. Cats have this natural instinct to understand that flowing water is bacteria-free and uncontaminated. A cat water fountain provides around-the-clock flowing water with the help of a pump.
  3. Encourage hydration: Some cats are not naturally inclined to drink a lot of water. Cat water fountains ensure that flowing water creates a sense of investigation in cats, and out of curiosity, they are drawn closer to them. This may promote hydration in cats easily.
  4. Playfulness: Cats are playful pets, and the sight of flowing water can fascinate them. Cat water fountains with a flowing water effect might be entertaining for cats. They might dip their paws out of fun, which would further lead to drinking water in a playful manner.


To cater to this fascination of cats with flowing water, many pet owners introduce cat water fountains for their beloved felines. Cat water fountains are not only beneficial for your cat’s hydration but also make it easy for the owners to stay carefree about their cat’s hydration. The running water effect not only creates a sense of amusement in cats but also provides them with fresh and uncontaminated water. On the other hand, cat water fountains are easy to maintain. They come with filters that strain the impurities and other contaminating particles, leaving the water odorless, fresh, and infection-free for consumption. A cat water fountain also indirectly impacts your cat’s mental health. It is the best of both worlds, combining health benefits with amusement. The big water reservoir works like magic to de-stress your cat’s whiskers, as the reservoir is wide enough and your cat feels safe to have a sip. This also eliminates frequent refilling as the water holding capacity is huge. 

Milo and Snowbell’s new favorite toy

After visiting the doctor, Mark immediately decided to order Uaphets Wireless cat water fountains for both of his cats. This life-changing device helped him observe a positive change in both of his cat’s water intakes. One cat water fountain could easily cater to both Milo and Snowbell at the same time. Mark learned that it is essential to encourage the proper intake of water for his cats, and after that, Uaphet’s cat water fountain became the most favorite toy for both Milo and Snowbell. Both cats stayed hydrated and active ever after.