Magic of Politeness in Student Life

Politeness often improves your relationships with others and maintains an order of respect and rapport. It improves your communication skills by boosting your confidence. Today human nature has imitated a little bit of the nature of flies. As flies always fly around dirt and defiled things, the same way we humans notice insulting and rude behaviour but neve notice or appreciate somebody’s polite nature. 

Student life is the best time to teach politeness because it is such an attribute which is needed in student life very much. Because when one is in a stage of learning then it becomes necessary for him/her to be polite so that arrogance cannot block the way of learning. These days when students are learning everything from online education and have tools like LMS portals to support it, the school LMS also inducing such lessons in their curriculum which can teach attributes like politeness. LMS portals also keep an eye on online learning of students in the direction of school LMS so that no impolite behaviour should happen while online learning or classes. 

When students forget their duties towards their education and learning they start skipping their classes, especially in online classes. It harms their academic performance and makes them away from politeness therefore school managements have adopted attendance management software. Attendance management software manages attendance of students in online learning so that their interest in study can be mapped and necessary improvements can be made. Politeness can be attached with any human behaviour, whether it is verbal or non-verbal. 

If politeness is to be taught to the students in schools, then teachers need to demonstrate this among students themselves first. First of all, they need to induce this good manner in conversation. When they communicate with the students in the classroom, they need to show them how can they talk in a very polite manner such as when students ask for going to washroom or they want their copies to be checked or when they want to communicate with teachers or their peer group about anything they need to be taught to speak in a polite manner. Using politeness in their common conversation will make them respect each other in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. 

A polite behaviour helps students to win the heart of faculty too and get their help whenever they want. When we speak directly to somebody without including politeness and gratefulness then sometimes it seems very rude to others and this rudeness may cause quarrel, fight or negative emotions for you in other’s heart. Hence it is necessary for students and individuals to include soft words and behave with others with a soften nature. This will make students earn respect in society and love and affection with others. A very rare and ridiculous fact is one can notice a lack of politeness in others but never in himself.

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Whenever you have a conversation with another person in the school or college then try to remember even the smallest details about him/her. This makes them happy that you give him/her so much importance and start with a name. Forgive the other person for small mistakes and if anything, try to be calm and try to resolve the situation politely. Use two words – “sorry” & “thank you” necessarily whenever it is appropriate. These two words contain magical powers. Just a “sorry” can finish any clash and save the situation from becoming violent and just a tank you make people remember your polite and respectful gesture always. 

Also, you can use these two words for denying something politely. Like someone offered you a drink & you don’t drink then you say ” No, thank you” but somebody offered you water & if you are thirsty then you will say “Yes, please”. Whenever students meet somebody, they should greet them politely and say hello. Must perform some actions of love and respect like greeting with folded hands, or a hug when the other person is very dear or commonly a smile on face while meeting. Make a habit of praising and congratulating for good events and achievements of others, so that they can feel your warmth in their happiness and can feel you as one of their dear ones like family.

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