International Pet Relocation Guide – Ensuring A Stress Free Move for Your Furry Friend

Compared to the US, traveling with pets to Singapore entails a complex compress because of the country’s strict rules deemed as rabies-free. Awareness of the practices should help you stay prepared to navigate the pet relocation process smoothly. Pets entering Singapore must undergo a period of quarantine varying between 10 and 30 days according to the country of import. Being aware of your country category should help you understand the requirements for importing pets to Singapore. 

From the kind of health certificates necessary to all other documents and paperwork required to complete the process, you should have the proper knowledge to comply with the regulations. Browsing the website should help to gather authentic information about a smooth international pet relocation in Singapore.

Pet owners importing pets to Singapore must appoint a reliable pet moving company to undertake the import process by complying with some veterinary requirements and specific import rules. This article highlights some basic needs that pet importers must comply with to ensure stress-free entry of their pets to Singapore.

After landing in Singapore, pets must undergo quarantine at some designated quarantine center, where pet owners should book a slot in advance to match the travel date. Due to the high demand for places in the quarantine center, securing the place at least six months in advance is better. The demand peaks during the summer and winter holidays, and the sooner you act, the better it is. 

It should avoid difficulties later by eliminating any chance of refusal to accept the pet. The cost of space reservation in the quarantine center depends on the duration and space requirement. You must pay extra fees, around $65 maximum, to change the date.

  • Get an import permit

After booking the quarantine space, the pet importer should help you obtain an import permit for the pet along with a dog license number. The latter does not apply to importing domestic cats. The pet moving company should help you with all documentation necessary for importing pets to Singapore. The import permit is valid for 30 days, and importers from the USA must arrange for its endorsement by the USDA. 

  • Train the pet to familiarize himself or herself with staying in crates

Pet owners can carry their pets along with them either as cabin baggage, checked-in baggage, or as cargo. Carrying pets in cargo mode is the best option to ensure smooth travel, especially when pets travel on separate flights from their owners. Pets must stay confined in crates during the trip, regardless of the mode chosen. Therefore, training pets to adapt to living in boxes is essential, so familiarizing them with the environment helps them stay comfortable during the journey. Buying a crate in advance and training the pet can make things easy.

Besides the above, it is necessary to vaccinate pets for rabies and parasites, distemper for dogs, and an FVRCP vaccine for cats before boarding the flight. Ensure everything is in order to avoid any unnecessary hassle.