I Got Into A Lyft Accident -Who Is Responsible?

Responsibility for a car accident can be challenging to assign. The court will consider several factors to give fault in a car accident. While those factors can be understood with the help of a lawyer, setting responsibility for a Lyft accident can be more challenging.

In such cases, contacting a Lyft accident lawyer in Jersey City will be ideal. Ridesharing accidents are one of the most confusing aspects one can encounter. While hiring a lawyer can be a relief, it will be more helpful if you know who will be held responsible for a Lyft accident. 

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Assigning responsibility for a Lyft accident: 

The insurance coverage from a particular policy can depend on the ridesharing company’s driver’s activity. The claim amount will increase if the driver’s actions or activities while driving were negligent. Similarly, an Uber, Lyft, or any ridesharing company’s driver will have three different liability limits in most states. Below are the other liability limits, which depend on whether:

  • The Lyft or Uber driver was not logged into the application and was driving alone. 
  • The ridesharing company’s driver logged into the application and waited for a passenger. 
  • The Lyft driver already had a ridesharing passenger or was going to pick up an accepted ride from a different passenger. 

The liability of a Lyft accident also depends on whether the driver was considered an employee, an independent contractor, or was driving the car on their time at the time of the accident. The ridesharing company’s driver’s status might also play a crucial role in the liability of the accident, and it will affect the amount of compensation injured passengers can recover. 

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Most car accidents will often compensate the victims. For medical bills, car repair bills, lost wages, loss of income, property damage, etc. However, the damages and injuries in a car accident can likely exceed the minimum insurance coverage limits. If the insurance policy’s limits are too low or if the driver does not have enough financial resources and assets, the victim will have to incur the costs of accidents on their own. 

Compensation is the utmost important aspect of every car accident. If you have been a victim of a Lyft accident, you must hire an accident lawyer in Jersey City. The lawyer can ensure a fair settlement for you irrespective of the liability of the accident. Besides, you must seek medical help immediately after the accident and ensure to document the accident scene by clicking pictures and videos. 

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