How To Check Phone Number Availability: 5 Easy Tricks To Succeed

Do you remember those ads on television that promoted businesses with easy-to-remember phone numbers? Dial 001-WINNER to claim your prize. If you want a number that’s easy to remember, you need to grab those numbers early on. Luckily there are tools you can use to check phone number availability, so you have options at your disposal.

In this article, we’ll show you how to check if a phone number is available so you can safely claim a number for yourself. 

How to Check Phone Number Availability: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are a few ways you can check if a phone number is active or not. Let’s take a look at those options:

Check with Your Current Provider

If you are looking to switch providers but want to keep your current phone number, it is important to check with your current provider to see if your number is portable. In most cases, you can transfer your phone number to a new provider, but it is important to make sure that your number is eligible for transfer before you cancel your service. If you want to check the availability of a phone number that you don’t own, you’ll need to follow the steps below. 

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Use a Phone Number Lookup Tool

One of the easiest ways to perform a cell phone number availability check is through a phone number lookup tool. These tools allow you to search for available phone numbers in a specific area code or region. Simply enter the area code or region you are looking for, and the tool will provide you with a list of available phone numbers.

There are many phone number lookup tools available online, including those provided by major phone companies and third-party providers. Some of the most popular phone number lookup tools include:

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Radaris
  • T-Mobile
  • Google Voice
  • Nextiva
  • Grasshopper
  • RingCentral

Check with Your Carrier

If you are getting a new phone plan with a carrier, it is a good idea to check for phone number availability with them directly. In many cases, carriers will have access to phone numbers that may not be available through other channels.

To check phone number availability with a carrier, simply contact their customer service department and ask about available numbers in your desired area code or region. They may be able to provide you with a list of available numbers or even reserve a specific number for you.

Consider a Virtual Phone Number

If you are setting up a business line or need a phone number for a specific purpose, you may want to consider a virtual phone number. Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that are not tied to a specific physical location, allowing you to have a phone number in any area code or region.

Virtual phone numbers are often used by businesses that want to appear local in multiple regions or by individuals who want to keep their personal phone numbers private. There are many providers that offer virtual phone numbers, including Google Voice, Grasshopper, and RingCentral.

When choosing a virtual phone number, it is important to consider the features that are important to you, such as call forwarding, voicemail, and texting capabilities.

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Try a Different Area Code

If you are having trouble finding an available phone number in your desired area code or region, you may want to consider trying a different area code. While having a local phone number can be important for some businesses and individuals, it is not always necessary.

For example, if you are setting up a business line and your desired area code is already saturated with competitors, choosing a different area code may help you stand out.

You can use a phone number lookup tool to search for available numbers in different area codes or contact your carrier to see what options they have available.

In conclusion, checking phone number availability is an important step when getting a new phone number. 


This guide should help you check phone number availability if you are looking for a specific phone number. Keep in mind that the availability of a specific phone number may change quickly. If you find a number you like, it is best to act quickly to secure it before someone else does.