How To Become A Zookeeper?

If you are searching for some easy ways how to become a zookeeper then here you have come to the right place. You will come to know about the different things for how to be a zookeeper in detail. I will tell you about the steps that you will have to follow for becoming a  professional zookeeper. You would like to read all the important points that I have mentioned in the following. You will come to know what courses, education, etc you require to become a zookeeper and what salary you will get. So without wasting any single minute let us start reading about how to become a zookeeper.

How To Become A Zookeeper?

Here I have mentioned the steps for how to become a zookeeper. Have a look at these steps.

  1. Get an early internship.
  2. Complete your degree education.
  3. Prepare your resume.
  4. Apply for the entry-level post.

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Steps To Become A Zookeeper

The steps on how to become a zookeeper are given in the following. Please read them so you will come to understand the detail of becoming a zookeeper.

  1. Get an early internship.

You can get an early internship while completing your education. You may gain experience in caring for various types of animals by working or volunteering at a nearby zoo. The animals you deal with will depend on where you live and where you decide to get your education. Some services may be specific to college students. So you will need to check with your local zoo before applying for an internship or volunteer position. You will need to complete an unpaid internship for college credit. Volunteering and training at a university place will help you in getting an entry-level job right out of college.

  1. Complete your degree education.

The majority of zookeepers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences, which includes coursework in biology and zoology. However, some employers accept an associate degree with the required experience. Each course will encourage you to take specialized lessons specific to the animals you choose to work with. The number of courses offered is determined by the plan. As a consideration, before participating in the program, make sure you know what educational direction you want to follow. You can change your direction if it matches up with your career goals. There are some of the programs which offer zookeeper degree online for education of  zookeeping knowledge.

Let us see more about the job of the zookeeper.

  1. Prepare your resume.

Start concentrating on the objectives of the top management that will help you in deciding where you want to work. This way, you can display your experiences and add them to your resume. Make sure your resume is appropriate for the job you’re applying for. Keep in mind that you should have completed all the above requirements and then get experience as a zookeeper in an internship. This will make your resume worthful and help you in getting the job easily. The resume will also help you list your experience sequentially so that your experiences will get highlighted.

  1. Apply for the entry-level post.

You will need to apply for the entry-level post at the zoo as a zookeeper. You should go for the interviews and get a good job at the zoo. They may ask you some questions that will be related to zookeeping. You will need to explain the skills and work of the zookeeper, how in an emergency you will handle the situations, etc. You can get all this information while you complete your internship properly. Once you clear the interview you will get the job at the zoo for the zookeeper position.

Skills Required For A Zookeeper

Here I have mentioned the skills that are needed by a zookeeper.

  • They should take care of the animals properly.
  • Understanding the actions of animals and their behavior.
  • They should be able to handle the animal’s feeding procedures.
  • Know about the grooming, cleaning, etc of the animals.
  • They must be able to do hard work at the zoo.
  • Good knowledge about the zoo.
  • They should be able to communicate with the people properly.
  • They must be having experience with the health care and treatment of the animals.

Duties Of A Zookeeper

There are some duties of the zookeeper in the following. Have a glance at them.

  • They have to feed the animals
  • They need to do medication administration to animals
  • They will have to maintain detailed records
  • They will need to clean and do maintenance of the zoo environment
  • They have to keep the animal surrounding neat and tidy
  • They will have to inform superiors or veterinarians about animal behavior
  • They need to help with veterinary treatments

How To Become A Zookeeper Assistant?

To become an assistant zookeeper you will need to do the following things.

  1. Get an early internship.
  2. Complete your degree education.
  3. Prepare your resume.
  4. Go for the interview.
  5. Apply for the post of an assistant zookeeper.

Zookeeper Salary

The average salary of a zookeeper is around $25000 per year. However, it is said that the zookeeper earns on the average basis a salary of $12 to $15 per hour.

How To Become A Zoologist?

Here are the steps that will help you to become a zoologist.

  1. Get a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Complete Internships and Research in zoology
  3. Get a master’s degree
  4. Complete your doctorate
  5. Get some certifications related to the zoology
  6. Keep Wildlife Trends updated with yourself


How much money does a zookeeper make a year?

A zookeeper makes money from around $25000 to $30000 per year. It depends upon the job and the experience of the zookeeper. Your position may increase from an assistant zookeeper to a senior zookeeper.

What qualifications do you need to become a zookeeper?

You will need a bachelor’s degree in animal science, genetics, or zoology to become a zookeeper. Animal behavior, anatomy and genetics, reproductive physiology, and biology courses are all helpful. A degree in life sciences is good for the position of zookeeper. You can also join the job of zookeeper after you complete your high school education.

Do zookeepers get paid well?

The average salary of a zookeeper is around $25000 per year. However, it is said that the zookeeper earns on the average basis a salary of $12 to $15 per hour.

Can you be a zookeeper without a degree?

You can be a zookeeper without a degree by completing your high school education. As there is no minimum requirement for the qualifications for being a zookeeper. However, getting a degree will be a benefit for you to be a zookeeper.


Here we learned how to become a zookeeper in detail. We studied the different steps that will help you in becoming a zookeeper by profession. The points I explained will help you in understanding what is the qualification, experience, etc required for being a zookeeper. You must have understood that how should you prepare for the interview and how you can apply for the zookeeper job. Some of the important duties and skills that you will require that I described were easy to understand. So after reading all the information given above you have come to know the detailed information on how to become a zookeeper and the career.

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