How Can Glass Jars Make Your Garden Look Phenomenal?

Are you looking for ways to implement a garden for your place, but you are short on budget or want something cute. There are various cost-effective and efficient ways that you choose to enhance your garden. It would help if you tried to work with nature, not fight with it and opt for the gardening tricks and techniques that will allow you to take care of the planet. Along with making our planet better, we can also ensure that our garden is sustainable when looking for elements to build for the system.

Taking the help of natural and reclaimed material will be one of the most beautiful ideas for creating a beautiful, sustainable garden without spending a lot of money. Bearing it in mind, we have listed some of the best ways to use glass jars for your garden.

Glass Bottle Bed Edging

Using a glass bottle in excessive amounts will allow you the chance for eco-friendly projects for your garden. You can choose to get a  bud light bowling pin bottle and use them for creating the wall of the bottles on your property. You can place the glass bottles upside down by the neck in the soil so that you can create eye-appealing edging around the beds and borders.

It is better to note that placing bottles upside down in the soil can also be filled with water and prick the holes in the lids. It will, later on, add the thermal mass to keep the temperatures stable in the growing area. It helps by slowly releasing the water for the plants in the same manner as water globes do.

You can also use the bottles like bricks in the wall, constructed from cob or other natural building materials. A low cob wall with glass bottles and placing them front to back can provide you with a stunning and great look for the garden.

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Bottle Glass Paths

It is another innovative idea that involves placing the bottles in the ground. By placing their bases upward, you will be able to create paths throughout the garden. Although, you should be careful as these paths can be slippery and they will look beautiful for areas in which there is not much traffic. You can use a wide range of colored bottles for the design. Planting and spreading the ground cover, such as creeping thyme, for instance, between the bottle, can help you suppress weeds that will provide you with the best-looking effect.

Greenhouse DIY Project

A greenhouse isn’t the single DIY garden building you can build with the help of glass bottles along with cobs, straw bales, and other materials. Many people have made glass bottles in summer houses, glass bottle domes, or bass bottle cold frames. If you want ideas for a glass bottle outdoor kitchen, you can opt for building a bar. 

Other than using glass bottles, you can also use glass for your garden, such as:

Butterfly Feeder

Give yourself a colorful garden by attracting beautiful and colorful butterflies. The best factor about them is that they are also essential for the pollination of the flowers. You can transform a mason jar into a functional and good-looking butterfly feeder. You can do it by filling it with sugary solutions and suspending it from the tree. Butterflies will be able to access the sweet nectar via a natural sponge protruding from the lid.

Tea Light Holders

Get delightful nighttime with the help of the best and most efficient quaint outdoor tea light holders. You can form them with the mason jars by securing them with the wire handles and filling them with tiny stones, sand, or shells. These will help you to bring out a soft natural ambiance to the patios or tables.


Cut flowers are not just for interior decoration. You can equally use it at home on outdoor tables as well. It will help you to add beautiful colors to the patio tables with a hand-painted distressed mason jar. After that, you can start to decorate it with the help of twine and fill it with various freshly cut scented flowers.

Outdoor Lights

It is easy and perfect for hanging on the porch. This tip is the best way to relax in peace that you get early in the morning. When the night comes, it will look like your garden is illuminated by hundreds of tiny fireflies. To acquire this look for the backyard, you will need mason jars with a wide-open mouth, wires, string, two lights, and something you can use for hanging. By using all these items efficiently, you will get the best outdoor lighting for your garden that is bound to enhance the look of your garden, and guests will love it whenever they come to visit you.

Bug Repellent 

Another excellent way to utilize mason jars is to keep the bugs away from the property. You can do it by having a canning jar, filling them with water, and combining it with the insect repelling essential oils such as lavender, lemon, and cedarwood, slices of some citrus fruits, and sprigs of rosemary.

You can also top it with the floating tea light candle, and it will work for various purposes. You can utilize it as an outdoor dining centerpiece, a natural air freshener, the source for the light, and a bug repellent. With the help of some research and development, you will be able to build yourself an excellent repellent for your garden.

Wind Chimes

Crafting this may require some time and effort, but the results will be phenomenal. You will have to drill and cut the glasses, and you will get the best result. These will look great and sound inviting when you hang them from the porch ceiling. You can use various decorations for it, such as different colors of the jars and hanging materials. 


With these ideas and tips, you will make your garden one of the most beautiful aspects of your house. With the help of family members, it will be a fun project for the family and a great way to spend time together. 

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