Haflinger Horse:7 Facts You Should Know

Do you want to know about the Haflinger horse? In this article, you will get amazing and interesting information about these horses which I am sure you might be unaware of. They have a very calm and peaceful nature which has famed them in the breed of horses in the entire world. These horses were earlier found in Italy and Austria and now they are bred all over the world due to their desirable traits. To know more such facts and details about the Haflinger Horse keep reading the article. 

About Haflinger Horse

Haflinger horses are also popularly known as the Avelignese. The unique fact about this horse is that they are relatively smaller than the average horse. Earlier they were just a Tyrolean mountain breed and now you can find them anywhere. You will be amazed to know that there is a Haflinger stud book which is displayed in the Haflinger Museum at Fohlenhof Ebbs. 

Haflinger Horse Origin

What is a Haflinger horse? The origin of these horses can be traced into the region of the Tyrolean mountains which is located between Italy and Austria. Since this area was far off the towns the horses were used that were strong, surefooted, and acrobatic. 

This breed was made in the year 1874 by the breeding of the 249 folie horse from the tyrolean mountains and an Arabian horse of the South Tyrolean Alps. 

When the breeding was done in 1900 these horses had a height of 150 cm and a metacarpal bone size of 18.5 cm. 

In 1946, the breeding again was done and this time the type resulted in larger framed and lightly rectangular horses.

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Haflinger Horse Size 

Haflinger horses are usually golden to chestnut-colored. Their color is in the shade range of light golden to dark blonde and they have light white flaxen mane and tail. The average size of these horses is 54 to 60 inches. In common language, we can say the Haflinger horse height is between 13.2 to 15 hands high. 

Haflinger Horse Weight

The horses of the Haflinger breed weigh in the range of 800-1300 lbs. Their weight in kgs is measured around 363 to 590 kilograms. These horses are also used to carry weight and they can carry around 300 pounds of weight on their back.

Haflinger Horse Lifespan 

The lifespan of the horses of the Haflinger breed is a maximum of around 30 to 40 years. They are strong and are very rough and tough. These horses can survive on little food. As you know they are a mountain breed so their hearts and lungs are strong due to breathing in the light air of mountains. 

Haflinger Horse Temperament

Haflinger horses are well known for their tolerant nature as compared to other breed horses. They are very gentle and have quiet behavior. It has been observed that these horses are good with their owners and are willing to learn. They listen to the command given to them by their owners. 

To make them learn certain things you need to repeat them quite often to these horses. According to the research done on their behavior, it is seen that they can establish emotional connections with human beings.  

Pros And Cons Of Haflinger

Here are the PRos and Cons of a Haflinger


First I will tell you the pros of the Haflinger breed horses that you must know about. 

  1. These horses are strong enough to be used for riding by humans. 
  2. They are easy to keep and maintain.
  3. The Haflinger horse characteristics are that they are robust and unlikely to stumble.


Even the best breed of horses has some sort of cons and so are the Halflinger breed horses.

  1. They can develop a harsh and aggressive attitude if not treated properly.
  2. The diet maintenance of these horses is a bit difficult.
  3. This breed of horse requires the right grooming and trimming of hairs as they have a thick and long mane.  

Haflinger Horse Facts

Now, I will tell you some facts and details about the Haflinger breed of horses that you must know.  

  • The first Haflinger breed horse is said to be Folie 249 which was the cross of an Arab stallion and a pony. 
  • The original Haflinger breed horses have a color range from golden to chestnut and blonde color. Their manes and tails have a pale white and flaxen color.
  • Though the size of this breed is smaller than the average horse they cannot be considered ponies. 
  • They are easy to keep and can survive with little grains and less hay or pasture. Since they are mountain breed they have adapted tough qualities. 
  • Surprisingly, the medieval times’ pony is said to be crossed to create this breed first, and after only that the original Haflinger breed horses were produced. 


Are Haflinger Horses Good For Beginners?

Haflinger breed horses aren’t that good for beginner riders as they are very intelligent. They often test their handlers and can take advantage of the new riders. But with proper training and technique, they can become suitable for beginner riders.

Is A Haflinger A Horse Or Pony?

The Haflinger is a horse only though may their size can be like a pony. They are compact horses with a size of 13.2 to 15 hands-on average.  They can be small but they are very strong and can carry human beings very easily. 

What Are Haflinger Horses Used For?

Haflinger breed horses are used for many activities like trail riding, packing, endurance riding, and farm work, etc. They are gentle and have a good temperament. 

How Long Do Haflinger Horses Live?

The life expectancy of Haflinger breed horses is a maximum of around 40 years. These horses are quite strong and can survive on little food and hay. Since they are mountain horses their lungs and heart are very strong. 

Are Haflingers Easy Keepers?

Haflinger Horse Breed Almost Went Extinct After WWII. During WWII, Haflingers were used as pack horses due to their smaller draft-like builds. Their size, temperament, strength and ability to be easy keepers made them ideal war horses.

Are Haflingers Hard To Train?

Haflingers are a relatively easy horse to train due to their calm nature. But in today’s busy world, many Haflingers have little or no training.

How Much Weight Can A 14 Hand Haflinger Carry?

They can pack up to 300 pounds or be used for light harness and combined driving, western and trail riding, endurance riding, dressage, jumping, vaulting and therapeutic riding. The American Haflinger Registry says Haflingers show “surprising athleticism” for their size.


Haflinger horse is popular among the other breed horses. They are gentle and good with humans which makes them ideal to be used. These horses are comparatively smaller than normal horses but yet they are strong and sturdy. They have an attractive shiny golden to chestnut color with a white to flaxen color tail and mane. This breed of horses is used for many activities like riding, pulling, and farm work, etc.  The unique feature of these horses is that they don’t require too extraordinary care and can survive on very little food as well. Due to the many advantages and good behavior of the Haflinger horse, it is bred by humans.

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What are some interesting facts about Haflingers

What are some interesting facts about Haflinger horses