Everything You Would Want to Know About Yorkies

Is a small pup on your mind as an addition to your family? Opt for a Yorkshire Terrier. The little puppy grows seven inches in height, and its silky fur adds to its playful character. But please don’t take its pint-size as a weakness. The excitable dog owns a high attitude and bossy behavior. Still, having this affectionate pet in your apartment or house is a nice feeling. The Yorkie will be yours forever once you shower your love on it. Its loyalty and affection for you will be on top. However, even this single breed has many options. Let’s learn about them to understand who you should choose. 

Yorkie dog types

You come across parti-color or Parti Yorkie types of Yorkshire Terriers. This breed stands explicitly out for its physical attractiveness. Generally, you find them in gold, black, blue, and tan colors. But this one boasts tri-color in their coat. Due to this, they look attractive and pleasing. Another species is teacups or pocket-sized pups. They weigh a maximum of seven pounds and have a life expectancy of 15 years. However, they can fall sick due to liver shunts, dental issues, and other challenges. If you want this pet in your household, be ready for its proper wellness checkups. It will prevent them from developing any potential health condition. 

Some people are crazy about designer Yorkies or hybrid breeds. Think of a Chorkie, for instance. It is a mix of Chihuahua and Yorkie. When you bring one from this breed home, you experience the traits of two favorite pet dogs simultaneously. Even entirely black Yorkies are also a delight to have. The black ones have only one body color and are comparable to their siblings regarding loyalty. One more exciting breed is Mismarked Yorkies. Someone with a white spot on the chest falls under this unique category. According to American pet authorities, Yorkies can be black and tan, black and gold, or a combination of blue and tan. The particular Yorkie flaunts different marks on its coat. This breed is also a common choice. If you want a glamorous option, Biewer Terrier can be the thing. 

The reasons behind Yorkies’s popularity with people

The exuberant Yorkies are loving and intelligent creatures. England’s Yorkshire County is their place of origin. They came into life in the 19th century and were particularly famous with coal miners and textile mill people who needed them to chase rats. Their small stature may make them look delicate, but they are highly responsible as watchdogs. Once you bring them, they will fill your home with their energy and playfulness. All they crave is your love and awareness. If deprived of this, they feel lonely. You can easily engage them with problem-solving games, such as puzzles or hide-and-seek. They enjoy activities that stimulate their mind. And you will surely fall for this trait.

Because these little pups are interactive and friendly, everyone in the family can play with them, earning their love and affection. As mentioned, they enjoy human company. After all, they bond strongly with everyone in the family and stay loyal to them. If you leave them, they succumb to separation anxiety. However, keeping your apartment’s doors closed is better because these tiny curious creatures are adventurous. They will run to the door. Despite their diminutive size, they can run with good speed. If you keep them outside, putting them on a leash or in an enclosure is better.

What makes pet parents adore them more is the air of confidence they carry about themselves. In this case, they can give any large dog a run for the buck. Remember, the same trait makes them possessive about their pet owners. Also, they know to protect their toys well from other dogs. If you judge them on the energy scale, they are again indomitable. You can occupy them with games like tug and play fetch. You will get tired, but they will continue. If you have kids with such high energy levels, the two can become each other’s best friends. And what is more adorable about them is their tendency to seek your lap for snuggling up when they are quiet. If they participate in agility races or performance events, they do well.

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A few additional insights

Grooming them can be fun. These dogs have long, fluid hair, allowing you to cut it into various styles. Some Yorkies boast full coats, dragging along the ground for their size. But this is risky for them as they can trip. You can trim it to the floor length. Make the hair shorter, closer to the ear region. Also, you can clip some of it around the feet to create a neat appearance. 

You can also see this breed in fall-style hair cut – the fur covering their face and eyes. You can style this hairstyle in one or two ponytails with ribbons. You can cut it short to free your pet’s eyes if you wish. Then, one more suitable hairstyle can be puppy cut. Pup’s facial and body hair can be equal in length, about one inch or two. It’s also low-maintenance. Modified Westie is also a choice. This hairstyle keeps your dog’s eyes clear of the hair, with its face flaunting shorter hair. 

Keeping a pet demands your time and attention, no matter the breed. However, if you own a Yorkshire Terrier, you must take a few precautions from the beginning. These smaller dogs cannot go on long walks or exercise for long. So, you have to plan your routine accordingly. The one benefit is you can keep them engaged even inside the apartment with toys and games. Still, it’s better to show them the outside world. It helps improve their socialization skills and make them comfortable around other humans. Since these lovely dogs are also vulnerable to diseases, you must focus on their diet, nutrition, and activities. Take them to vets from time to time. A yearly visit is fine as long as they are healthy. The rest depends on their growth.