Email Deliverability as the complex metric for your campaign. Its differentiation from email delivery

To get profitable and successful results after launching an e-campaign you have to be sure that your marketing team is acknowledged with important terms, their peculiarities, pitfalls, and differences. That is why a trustworthy and fluent marketer knows perfectly how to differentiate email delivery from email deliverability rate and not interchange these two essential marketing scores. 

In this article we will discuss the following:

  • The definition of the term “email delivery” and the reasons for confusing it with the “email deliverability”;
  • The usefulness of controlling the delivery rate with the use of email deliverability tools;
  • How do marketers specify the email deliverability and the reasons for its importance;
  • The complex tip for determining your email deliverability score;
  • Wrapping up.

As soon as you explore all details below, you will be able to differentiate delivery rate from deliverability score and learn their importance, calculation, and tools for improving them. The most effective way to verify it is to test your campaign and boost your email deliverability rate at Having convenient all-in-all plattform, Folderly suggests you run a high-quality deliverability test and get a profound improvement in nurturing your outreach. 

The definition of the term “email delivery rate” and confusing it with the “email deliverability

Inexperienced marketers operate these two terms with the same meaning and often interchange them. Unfortunately, doing that can cost a lot for your company. So let`s get deep insights into exploring email deliverability and email delivery rate deeper in order to prevent yourself from unexpected consequences. 

Marketing vocabulary defines “email delivery rate” as a score showing the number of emailed messages accepted by email providers to be sent to recipients. Besides, this rate includes also the score of emails that were not marked as bounces. 

There are two types of bounces: soft and hard ones. As for hard bounces, they usually harm the success of your campaign and reputation because the addresses you want to deliver to are invalid, non-existent, or incorrect. While soft bounces affect the direct email delivery because the server or email inbox can be overfilled. In both cases, your email won`t be landed in the recipient’s inbox, so you will get not only decreased email delivery rate but also you will lose financial investments and time you have put into the email campaign.

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We have just figured out what the email delivery rate is. Not let`s discover what stands for email deliverability and why it should be improved.

The usefulness of controlling the delivery rate with the use of email deliverability tools

To get highly profitable results from emailing, you have you be sure that you don`t have any serious issues with your email delivery. If your messages don`t end up in the recipients` inboxes, your bounce rate is lower than 30%, or you get delivery problems without understanding its precise reason.

To fix it and avoid it, it is crucial to launch every campaign with the use of email deliverability tools helping you reveal spam and delivery issues at the primary stages. You can easily achieve it with the help of the Folderly tool for testing email deliverability. Being a product of lead generation company Bekins, they have great expertise in deep researching for email delivery problems. These experts provides also individual variants of fixing them and give you a detailed analysis of what should be improved in your email delivery rates and keep them always in balance.

Following the simple formula, you can assess the level of your delivery score: the difference between sent emails and bounced ones you have to divide by the general amount of sent emails. After you multiply this number by 100%, and then you will get your own delivery rate. A good email score starts at a percentage of 94 and higher. Controlling this indicator and keeping it at a good level is a key factor in improving emailing and your domain health. It helps omit blocking of your IP or being marked as a spam sender. 

But you have to remember that this step is not enough to boost your emailing processes at a good level. Let`s have a look at the next metric that is essential to implement. 

How do marketers specify email deliverability and which factors can strengthen it?

Email deliverability is one of those metrics friendship with which brings to you only success and effectiveness. Its main peculiarity is the ability to show the percentage of successfully delivered emails to the prospects. This factor is absolutely important for analyzing how your marketing campaigns work and what you have to undertake to get more improvement. 

However, you should know that there are indicators that you cave take into account before launching an email campaign. Without them, email deliverability won`t show you any progress. So, first of all, figure out how good your sender`s score is. It stands for flawless domain reputation, transparency, consistency, and credibility of your IP and mailbox. Secondly, your DNS records should have all protocols of authentification in order to let email service providers check your domain for spam scores. Besides, you should be aware of having regular cleaning of sending lists since they harm your reputation and email deliverability.

Controlling each of these key indicators and keeping them on a satisfactory level will prevent you from declining email deliverability. But how can we count and determine the precise percentage of this metric? Let`s get more insights from this question in the following paragraph. 

The complex tip for determining your email deliverability score

There is no similar pattern for checking the exact number of email deliverability. But for keeping it flawless you have to oversee every indicator. Checking and improving all of them on a regular basis will guarantee you that the email campaign will be successful. Let`s have a look at these points:

  • Be sure that your engagement rate is good/high because of the expansion of outreach. So, the quality of communication with each individual prospect affects your email deliverability as well. 
  • Take care of your email delivery rate. Assure yourself that your bounce rate is acceptable or better decreased to the minimum and your audience gets your emails and engages with them by opening, clicking, and responding. The higher the delivery score is, the more resultative the deliverability rate will be.
  • Check your score of inbox placement for all your email services. It is the rate (IPR) indicating the number of letters that end up in the spam folder and are directly sent to the receiver`s mailboxes. This gives you a clear understanding of the emailing delivery at the different servers.
  • Tracking open rates with email tools. Open rate is an essential indicator showing the destination of your emails. You can easily monitor them with automized tools such as Folderly spam checker. This tool not only figures out the way how an email ends up but also this deliverability tool helps identify all possible issues of getting spammed and fix these issues quickly and effectively.

Wrapping up

Having read this article, now you have become a professional in the email marketing terms, its differences, and even tips for improving them. Now you know that email deliverability is the most important email marketing metric consisting of lots of additional indicators for a high-quality email campaign.

When you come up with the task of fluent the knowledge about these metrics you don`t have to hesitate to start using the spam tester tool Folderly to evaluate your email deliverability score and find profound solutions for boosting it.

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