Do you have a hard time passing your physics exams? Here we tell you how to do it and enjoy your vacation

Are you worried about not passing your physics subject? Do you pay attention in class but feel like the teacher speaks in another language? Have you already asked your classmates for help and even though they explained it to you, you still don’t understand?

So that you do not fail the course and have to dedicate your vacations to studying for an extraordinary exam, the best thing to do is to do a school reinforcement for the end of the semester in physics with private physics teachers who will be able to prepare you for your final exams and prevent you from having a bad grade. You might need help from in order to focus on your Physics.

This is nothing to write home about since physics is like mathematics, not all students feel an affinity for it, it can be really complicated for students with intelligence focused on the creative and artistic and not on logical-mathematical thinking.

Why is the study of physics considered complex?

Physics is defined as the science that studies the properties of matter and energy, its laws establish the explanation of natural phenomena, excluding those that modify the molecular structure of bodies.

Physics classes can be complex for students because some physics teachers do not give them a practical approach (related to daily life) and students think that they will never take them, however, this is not the case.

Another point is that during the first courses, for example Introduction to Physics and Chemistry, very basic and friendly concepts are taught, such as everything related to the subject, however, during high school the subject becomes much more mathematical and is difficult to understand. approve, as the formulas can be messy and complicated.

To this we can add the Mexican method of study: memorize everything (machete), so it will not be enough to solve the formula, but you will also have to know it by heart and say it in front of the class, if the teacher so requires.

All of the above can produce a mental block in students where their insecurities are present, as well as stress, so a little school reinforcement, through private teachers who create a friendly environment and translate what comes in the books can be the solution to low grades.

Why is it important to study physics?

In its most basic stage, it is related to basic concepts but as it progresses, different advanced operations are learned to calculate the theory. In a basic physics course, you would learn:

  • Vectors

  • Point kinematics

  • relative motion

  • classical laws of motion

  • Laws of forces of nature

  • Point dynamics, conservation theorems

  • Generalization of the law of conservation of energy

  • gravitational field

Physics allows us to understand natural phenomena in depth and to know how they influence our daily activities, so we can start by explaining how and why things happen as well as experimenting and corroborating the results.

This matter is everywhere we look, we do not need to be scientists to understand it.

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Benefits of hiring a private physics teacher

Yes, as we mentioned, you are a dedicated student but you cannot understand the subject, perhaps it depends on the way they are explaining it to you and not on the effort you put in, you can find physics teachers for an hour a day several days of the week, this until you manage to regularize yourself and pass all your exams without difficulty.

If you don’t have much time to travel, you can opt for physics classes at home and a professional will go to your house to explain everything you need to know, another similar option is online physics classes, in this way you will have school support, without leaving your House.

You can choose private teachers even online, most of them have very good reviews, so knowledge is guaranteed.

If, on the other hand, you love physics and want to make it your profession, the best university to study it is BUAP (Meritorious University of Puebla), according to US News & World Report magazine.

Other universities with very good educational programs are UNAM, IPN and UAM. Remember that on YouTube and TikTok you will also find teachers who will bring the subject closer through current and very attractive topics for students, the important thing is not to stay only with the content of your class, but to look for an external way of learning and not pass the exams. vacations studying for extraordinary, but having fun.

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