Best Time Travel Movies of All the Time

If there’s one desire, the whole of mankind has had over a significant period, it’s time travel. Who doesn’t want to go back in time to relive moments or make changes? Or who doesn’t want to go into the future to see what’s up with the future of us and the people we love? Although time travel isn’t a reality yet in the world of movies, it’s been happening for years. 

Humans have traveled in time in movies and it makes a fun to watch. Be it the comedy genre or sci-fi, time travel can fit any of them. It’s fun to see the depiction of the future world or to see a character go back in past and his actions make an impact on his future. 

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Here are some of the best time travel movies for you to enjoy.

The magic of Christopher Nolan did its thing with this epic movie, Interstellar released in 2014. The story takes us into the future where the earth is becoming inhabitable due to disastrous climate change. Joseph Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, an ex-NASA pilot is tasked to take an interstellar mission to find a new planet for humans.

His mission consists of researchers including Brand, played by Anne Hathaway. This single movie shows several theories such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, neutron stars, wormhole, spinning back black holes, etc. This movie is one of the best 2.5 hours of watching time travel and many other scientific concepts on the screens.

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  • About Time-2013

From the director of Love Actually, Richard Curtis comes a rom-com that takes us back and forth in time. Starring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson, About Time, was released in 2013.  Gleeson is a young man that discovers that men in his family can time travel using their closets. As he learns this, Gleeson decides to use time travel to make good changes in his life and especially to win the girl he loves. 

The movie pictures the phenomenal chemistry between McAdams and Gleeson. The story puts intrigue in the mind of viewers about time travel.  

  • Source Code-2011

A horror that most of us don’t even think about is waking up in another person’s body. This is what happens to Army Caption Colter Stevens, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, in the movie Source Code. Our main character is part of a program that makes his consciousness part of someone else’s body but just for eight minutes. He finds himself on a train where a bomb is inserted. 

He can’t change the past but can only collect information as there is another bomb explosion expected in the city. On the train ride, he develops a liking for his travel companion, he must focus and test the theory to save multiple lives.

  • Edge of Tomorrow-2014

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in a time travel movie, nothing gets better than this. Edge of Tomorrow released in 2014 is based on the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill. Director Doug Liman takes the ‘stuck in time loop’ concept of Groundhog Day and implements it in the military that is fighting a huge alien army. Many came and tried to imitate the stuck-in-loop theme but failed. 

Not this movie though, Edge Of Tomorrow keeps every new scene fresh for the audience. The real catch is that Tom Cruise plays a coward, which is the exact opposite of his on-screen, presence and persona. It’s a great entertaining movie that will keep you entertained.

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  • Groundhog Day-1993

One of the best time travel movies, or we must say stuck in time loop movie of all time, Groundhog Day was released in 1993. Bill Murray plays a weatherman, Phil, who hates to cover the annual festivities where locals predict the weather, especially for a long hard winter. As he has done this multiple times before, he’s done with it. But more than this, he looks down on the locals who are proud of their festivities. 

Well, bad for him, Phil finds himself living this same day again and again. At first, he takes advantage of him being stuck in time. The film portrays the fun side and an equally sad side of reliving the same day on repeat.

  • Other Mentions

There are so many other time travel movies that we feel obliged to mention here. Back to the Future is an all-time favorite movie that captures what every child has wished for at some point in their lives, what are parents used to be like at our age. Star Trek series and Terminator are also some of the top time travel movies of all time.


There you go (in the future or past, your choice), we’ve given you the list of perfect time capsules. Wear your travel suit (pajamas) and get ready to travel to the world that you’ve always wished for.