Best Pets for College Students: Companionship from Pets in Campus Life

College is quite an interesting phase that a student encounters. This is a time of increased independence, self-discovery, and composing essays, among other things. However, there are many stressful events that characterize your daily life during this period of study in school. Having a pet helps one cope with the demands faced in college, as well as provides companionship. The love offered by pets is limitless, which goes together with the emotional support needed for an individual at this stage. Moreover, this contributes to fostering a feeling of “home” among college students when their lives are filled with chaos. This article discusses the best pets for college students in terms of space limitations, time investment, and budget restrictions.


Fish are the best pets for students who live in a small room in a dormitory or apartment. They do not need a lot of care, and they can be affordable to maintain. The basic requirements for rearing fish include a small fish tank or bowl, water conditioner, and food. The experience of watching the colorful fish glide across the screen can also act as a therapeutic diversion from school woes. Nevertheless, fish need to be fed regularly and tanks cleaned once in a while.

Rodents are one of the top small pets for college students

College students may choose small rodents, such as hamsters, gerbils, and even mice, as pets. This is due to the fact that they are small, hence convenient to dwell in small rooms. The reason why these furry companions make good pets is due to their low-maintenance nature which only requires one to have a small cage, bedding, and food. Their playfulness makes them useful companions and entertainers. Nevertheless, you must treat them well and give them lots of exercise outside their cage daily. Apart from this, some dormitories/rental property owners may not allow students to keep small pets for college students, thus it is imperative for prospective students to verify the rules first.


For a student in college, a small bird like a budgerigar (budgie) or a cockatiel could be an extremely cute and nice pet for him/her. They are always cheerful, have brilliant colors, and imitate voices and sounds. For example, birds demand a proper box furnished with perches, toys, and a well-balanced feed consisting of grains, pellets, fruit, and greens. They are fond of socialization, brain stimulation, and playing outdoors. While birds may add fun in a college student’s life, they need to be considered as pets that will take much of your attention and time. Therefore, as your birds divert your attention away from your studies, you can find professional essay writers from an academic essay writing service by CustomWritings to write papers for you from scratch.


Reptiles are a suitable alternative for students who desire more distinct or nontraditional home companions. For instance, reptiles such as geckos, bearded dragons, or turtles can live comfortably in smaller spaces provided that they receive proper attention. These reptiles are kept in terrariums or tanks that have proper heating and lighting and should be fed properly. However, reptiles can be amazing to watch and play with, only that they do not give as much company as other pets such as dogs or cats.

Cats are often the very best furry pets for college students

Cats are suitable companions for busy students because they are independent animals. They have low maintenance requirements compared to dogs, and they can adapt well to small living places. Cats are known for giving love and company, which in turn may help someone to relax and ease off the pressure they go through on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is essential to make sure that you live in an environment that permits you to keep a cat and have sufficient time and money to take care of the cat. Owning a cat also comes with other essential responsibilities like feeding it, grooming it, and providing a litter box.


Ferrets are cute, funny, energetic companions that would fit in college students’ lives so well. These easy pets are highly social creatures that need constant contact and mental exercise. For their enclosures, they need enough space, including different types of tunnels, toys, and hiding places. It is important to provide them with balanced diets and regularly take them for vet visits. Ferrets should be kept in environments where they receive adequate attention and have enough room to satisfy their constant curiosity. As college students have the capability of providing care to these energetic creatures, most fit into this lifestyle.


College students may have rabbits as their hairy pets, which will give them fun moments. In this case, they are low maintenance and can be easily potty trained, which means that cleaning after them will be relatively reduced. Rabbits are social species and they can easily get attached to their caretakers. Their delightful hops and skips make playing time great, adding cheeriness to college days. However, they need to be placed in a large cage, provided with proper nutrition, and stimulated mentally by toys and interaction.


Caring for dogs requires a substantial amount of time, effort, and finances, but college students who are able to do it right may find great benefits in such an amazing relationship. Dogs give you love without condition and will encourage exercises or activities. Though, having a dog in school should not be undertaken lightly. The students should have sufficient time to walk, train, feed, and groom the dog every day. Furthermore, your residence should have provisions for keeping your dog and have an option to support the dog if you are not available.

Guinea pigs

The guinea pig is a relatively small pet that does well in college environments. These furry pets for college students are very gentle and can become quite attached to an owner. A guinea pig needs little floor space, say a cage with beddings and a diet consisting of grass, vegetables, and pellets. Their soft, furry bodies and tender squeaks make them fun to handle, giving comfort and relieving stress.

The animals suited for a college student have been convincingly presented

As a busy student, there are things to be considered when one chooses the perfect pet for college. These include space constraints, time availability, and pocket limitations. Some common choices that one could make include fish, small rodents, reptiles, cats, and dogs, and each has their own pros and cons. Though a pet gives fellowship, lowers anxiety, and creates a homogenous environment in college, one should realize owning a pet is a big responsibility that students must consider before deciding whether or not to get a pet. Basically, an ideal pet would brighten up the day of any college student, calm him or her down, and make his or her life more awesome.