Benefits Of A Fresh Food Diet For Dogs

Dogs, and animals in general, need as much attention paid to their nutrition as we would ourselves. Too often people adopt a pet thinking that they simply need a store-bought bag of dry kibble and they are done with it. But this couldn’t be further from the truth and your canine family member really deserves the best.

What you want is to take the time, put in the effort, and give your pup the meal plan they need for a healthy, active lifestyle that they deserve. 

While dry foods do have their place, there is nothing more nutritious and tastier than a meal filled with fresh foods. 

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Ideally, consulting with your veterinarian on the matter of changing your dog’s diet is recommended, and even more so if they have allergies or sensitivity to specific foods. You can do your part by doing some initial research on the best fresh dog food brands and bringing these notes to your vet appointment. They can help to advise how to integrate fresh food into your pup’s diet and whether it’s suitable for them. Let’s see some of the points to keep in mind as you begin making changes.

∙€€€€€€€€ Activity Level – Is your pup a couch potato who takes a daily stroll to keep the blood flowing or are they a working, energetic dog who runs full speed twice a day while out on the walk in the field? These are 2 very different pets. It’s vital to keep this in mind to prevent obesity but also to ensure enough calories are consumed during mealtimes. 

∙€€€€€€€€ Size and Age – Younger dogs naturally have more energy and so need the fuel to keep them going on their daily adventures, compared to older dogs who are less active and therefore require less high-energy foods. Size also plays a part and a small dog won’t eat nearly as much as a large dog.

∙€€€€€€€€ Taste – No matter if the food you prepare is for your family or for your furry canine friend, you need to ensure it tastes good. Dogs have unconditional love for their owners and one way to show you care for them too is by giving them delicious food.

∙€€€€€€€€ Digestion – It is no secret that fresh ingredients are that much easier to digest. Wholesome organic food is absorbed into the body and bloodstream quicker and more effectively giving your dog the maximum level of energy from the food. With easily digestible foods you will notice the increase in endurance in your pup while out for a run and they are noticeably perkier. 

The Advantages of Fresh Food for Your Pet

The major element that we become aware of when sourcing fresh food ingredients for our pet is that they are chemical and preservative free. Additives are constantly added to foods and meals to make them taste better, but this artificial spicing can have negative consequences on your four-legged friend in the long run and is something easily avoidable. 

When you purchase foods from reliable and reputable companies that pride themselves in delivering the best fresh foods for animals, you can have peace of mind that your pup’s health is taken care of. It could also mean you are supporting local farmers and producers as many of the large non-fresh corporations mass-produce products in a short turnaround time with the help of growth hormones and synthesizers.

As you incorporate fresh food ingredients into their meals you are keeping their brains and minds healthy, their weight can be maintained, and they are receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals from the food.

The last point to keep an eye out for is the change you will notice in their fur or coat. With added nutrients that have not been cooked out, their skin, fur, and coats become shinier and healthier looking, and it has a softer texture to them with less matting. Your pup will look great and he will thank you for it. 

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To Conclude

Fresh food ingredients have been the nutritional source for humans and animals for centuries, so why change them? By increasing their fresh food intake in their diets you are giving them a longer, fuller life with an increased lifespan. This way you can have those cuddles and slobbery kisses for longer, it’s a win-win.