All About Sensex: A Beginner’s Guide to the Sensex Indicator

The Sensex is the benchmark for Indian stock markets. It’s the most-followed and biggest financial indicator in India. So, suppose you want to know what’s happening with the country’s equity markets or even invest in them. In that case, you must understand and follow the sensex today. All about the Sensex: A Beginner’s Guide to India’s Most Followed Stock Market Indicator

How to trade the Sensex?

Trading of the Sensex is done similarly to trading of other global stock markets. You can trade in the Sensex with different brokers and trading platforms. Additionally, most brokers offer a range of trading tools to help you trade the Sensex more efficiently. You can trade the Sensex through online brokerage platforms. You can also trade in the smaller cities through a local broker. If you do not have an account with a brokerage or fund transfer system, you can open an account with a broker.

The trading of the Sensex is done based on the prices of stocks traded on the exchange. A price is an amount that a buyer is willing to pay for a share and the amount that a seller is willing to receive for the share. The Sensex is constantly moving up and down as buyers and sellers come and go. You can trade the Sensex by following the instructions given on the brokerage platform. While choosing a broker, look for one that offers simple and transparent procedures.

The key factors that affect the Sensex

Investors use the Sensex to gauge the overall market sentiment and invest accordingly. Investors look at the economic growth rate, government policies, macroeconomic indicators, corporate developments, and sector-specific factors to decide the stock market’s direction.

Economic growth – The Sensex has a good relationship with the country’s GDP growth. The Sensex also increases when the GDP is increasing at a fast pace. Therefore, this is one of the key factors that affect Sensex.

Government policies – Government policies are also a key factor that affects the Sensex. Investments in the stock market are often made based on government initiatives. When these initiatives increase or decrease, the sentiment toward the market changes. Therefore, investors need to follow government initiatives and policies.

Corporate developments – The developments at a particular company significantly impact Sensex. When a company releases great news, the price of that particular share increases. When the news is received negatively, the price of that particular share decreases.


To conclude, the SENSEX index is widely recognized as an important index in the Indian stock market, which measures the performance of 30 of the largest companies within the banking, automobile, and information technology industries. Understanding the SENSEX can provide valuable insight into the state of the Indian economy and help you make informed investment decisions. If you are a beginner investor, you should always look for today nifty price for a better understanding of the market. Also, a platform such as 5paisa can serve as a great place to start. There is a range of investment options, including SENSEX, and a user-friendly interface, all of which make it a convenient and accessible option for those looking to invest in Indian stocks because of low brokerage fees and a range of investment options, including SENSEX.