9 Popular Korean Dishes And What Do They Mean

People in India are now falling in love with Korean food as much as they have fallen for Chinese and Japanese food. Korean dishes are certainly very exquisite and tasteful. You can experience everything from spiciness to sweetness in this particular food genre. It does not matter where you are; you can still order the best of Korean cuisine from Korean restaurants. But for this, you must also know what the food item in Korean actually means in India. So, read below to make it easy for you. 

Kimchi Jjigae

Also known as Kimchi Stew, this is one of the most popular dishes in Korean restaurants. This dish particularly includes kimchi served with so many flavorful and fruitful ingredients like scallions, onions, diced tofu and pork. These ingredients are bowled together and boiled. In this, the chef adds bean paste, further mixed with fermented chili paste. The meat and other ingredients drop their stew, while the other pastes create a marvelous mix of flavors. Many restaurants also serve side dishes like rice. One bowl of Kimchi Jjigae can serve two. 


You will not be surprised when you see a variety of Tteok-Bokki residing on the menu of the Korean restaurants. The key ingredient, i.e., Tteokbokki, is cylindrical shaped rice cakes simmered and cooked until soft. The soft rice cakes are tossed with pork/ fish/ chicken and the kind of meat you like. Next, it is cooked with funky gochujang chili paste until the stew and the sauce release the taste for mixing together. And along, you will find the other amazing basic ingredients like scallion, onion, garlic, cabbage etc. Cooked altogether, you will fall in love with this red Korean stew and Tteok-Bokki.


Things can get all the more unique, delicious, and different when you order food from Korean restaurants. One of the examples of such a scrumptious delicacy is kimbap. This food is made from the major ingredients of vegetables, cooked rice, fish, and meat rolled in gim- i.e. dried seaweed sheets. It is still easy to eat because the unique rolls are delivered in bite-sized slices. Grab a wholesome flavor in each bite of kimbap. In this, vegetables, meat, and other ingredients are pan-fried and stuffed in partially cooked gim sheets. The stuffed sheets are further rolled and sliced. The best Korean restaurants will justify this unique food item to the fullest. 


If you are a noodles lover, then Japchae by the Korean restaurants is something you will definitely enjoy. This dish is typically made of stir-fried glass noodles and staple Korean favorite veggies like onion. The noodles are mixed with the given veggies, meat, mushrooms, soya sauce and sesame oil. This royal dish is sweet in taste, unique in flavor, and one of the best things to order from Korean eateries. 

Kimchi Mandu

Even the ones trying Korean foods for the first time must be aware of dumplings. Korean dumplings are something everyone knows. Kimchi Mandu is also one such dumpling thing where dumplings are filled with pork meat, tofu, and napa cabbage. Many Korean restaurants offer it in two ways, mainly steamed or fried. If you want a soft and tender texture, then you can go for steamed one, while you can make it a crunchy one by choosing the fried option. 


When people think of ordering their comfort food from Korean restaurants, then Ramyun strikes first in the mind. The core reason is how it justifies the taste of noodles to the core. Ramyun is basically a packet of curly fried and dried noodles with frozen vegetables and a sachet of powdered soup that infuse perfectly in the noodles. These can be found in so many flavors, with each restaurant serving its own unique additions. Grab these on a winter evening, and you will not ask for anything more. 


Koreans often have stocks full of the staples of kimchi in their houses. Just like wine tastes better as it gets older, kimchi, too, gets fermented over time, being all the more juicy and flavorful on consumption. Kimchi jeon is the pancake of such kimchis. The key ingredients here are cabbage kimchi, scallions and brine. Kimchi brine, ingredients, and kimchi are together made into a thick batter, which is further cooked into a cake. The Korean restaurants even add their own quantity of sauces, making a difference to the taste. Every restaurant has something unique and better to serve. 

Kimchi Bokkeumbap

Call it Kimchi Bokkeumbap or call it Korean fried rice; it is more or less the same thing. This is one such staple Korean food where Kimchi and cooked rice are made together. Further, it is mixed with a fine blend of dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, gochujang, etc. Many Korean restaurants offer a variety of it with tuna fish, pork meat, chicken steak, etc., cooked and topped on it. Truly, it tastes great. 


Rice cakes seem to be quite common in Korea. Jumeok gives a beautiful turn to it by forming the rice cakes taken in the shape of a fist. If you are thinking of ordering a light meal from a Korean restaurant, then you can definitely order this straight away. On the other hand, you can still find spicy options in it with the option of meat and additional sauces in it. Order this every time you deeply crave for light Korean food. 

If you live in Jaipur, you got to order these foods every day if you want to try some new Korean. You will definitely love it. And it’s all travel-free. You can order all such meals from the Korean restaurants right online and fetch the comforting meal in your comfort zone itself. For this, visit online at Swiggy, where the top hotels serve their menu so that you can order straight away and have these in your home. Watch some Kdrama with chopsticks and K-food in hand. You will enjoy it to the roots. 

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