6 Tips for Preparing Your Pets for the Holidays

The joyous hustle and bustle of the holiday season is a fun time to gather with your loved ones. Yet, with all those cheers and celebrations, it can be easy to forget about carving out quality time for our four-legged friends. Their well-being is just as crucial as ours, and their holiday experience is an integral part of ours, too! From using pet-safe holiday decorations to making sure they have the latest and greatest pet tech for the holiday season, we’ve got all the bases covered. Check out our list of six tips for preparing your pets for the holidays.

  1. Give Your Pet a Safe Haven — Cats need a place to hide, ideally high up, to feel safe. Dogs also benefit from quiet, safe spaces that are big enough so they can stretch out to sleep and easily accessible so they can enter freely. Providing your pets with that crucial safe haven is an act of compassion and love. The reality is that our pets can often feel overwhelmed during the holiday season due to loud gatherings, unfamiliar decorations in their own home and sudden changes in their routine. When your furry friends need solace and security, their safe haven will become a place for them to decompress away from the chaos and regain a sense of calm. That way, they can enjoy the holidays in comfort, and you can revel in the festivities with peace of mind, too.
  2. Pet-Proof Holiday Decorations — Many decorations can be risky for curious pets, and that’s why pet-proofing holiday decorations is an essential part of their safety and enjoyment during the holiday season. They look like ornaments, tinsels and very obvious electric cords to our human eyes, but to our pets, those are tempting playthings. They can quickly become choking hazards, so use pet-safe alternatives and make sure decorations are secured. Candles and toxic plants should be out of their reach. Secure your tree with a stable tree stand to prevent accidents. That way, your pets can share in the holiday spirit without compromising their safety.

  1. Stick to a Routine — Sticking to a routine with your dog may look like taking them for walks at designated times of the day. If you love going on long walks with your dog, consider getting them Disney dog tags as a cute and trackable way to make sure your dog can always be found. Consistency is the key to ensuring you and your pet have a stress-free holiday. Having a regular schedule for their feeding, playtime and exercise can give them a sense of security and reduce their anxiety. It can also help you monitor their behavior to check for any possible signs of stress. Maintaining those routines — whether it’s the familiar smell of their yummy dinner-time treats or the sound of their leash and collar before their brisk morning walk — will help create a sense of stability in their world.
  2. Watch Out for Candles — As humans, we love the warm and cozy glow of holiday candles and the ambiance they add to our homes. Yet these candles pose serious hazards to our beloved pets. They may accidentally knock over lit candles and set fire to our surroundings. Keep a watchful eye on open flames and put candles securely out of your pet’s reach. As an alternative, use battery-operated or flameless candles to enjoy the festive glow without the associated risks.
  3. Avoid Toxic Foods — We may love treats like raisins, chocolates and ones containing artificial sweeteners, but these yummy snacks are toxic foods to our pets. Avoiding toxic foods is an important part of being a responsible pet parent. Small amounts of these toxic foods can lead to serious health issues and may even be life-threatening to our pets. If you’re hosting or attending a holiday party, educate your guests or hosts about the dangers of these to prevent your pet from accidentally consuming toxic foods. Staying vigilant can ensure your furry friends stay safe during the holiday season so they can join in on the festivities without compromising their well-being.  
  4. Have an Emergency Plan — No one likes to think about worst-case scenarios, but it’s important to have an emergency plan in place in the event the unexpected does happen. To give you peace of mind, set an emergency plan in the event something happens to your pet. An emergency plan should include important contacts like your veterinarian and a 24/7 animal hospital if your pet suddenly becomes ill over the holidays.


Ensuring a pet-friendly environment by offering comfort and maintaining their routine can help provide a happy holiday season for your beloved pet. Our pets are an important part of our family, and that’s why we always want to make sure we can be with them, whether they’re near or far. If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your pet or any animal lover in your life, get the Tile for pets. It’s a trackable pet ID tag powered by Bluetooth and made of silicone, so it can attach to their collar and follow them wherever they go this holiday. Here’s to a happy holiday season for you and your furry friends!