5 compelling reasons to engage a personal injury attorney in Orange County

Medical malpractice, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, nursing home abuse, product liability, slip, and fall accidents – There are so many types of personal injury claims. No matter how much you read about accidents happening in Orange County, dealing with one is never easy. If you have a valid claim or believe that you deserve compensation for injuries induced by someone’s negligence, you should certainly contact a personal injury attorney in Orange County. Here are five compelling reasons to do so.

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  1. No hassles to manage. If you are injured, you would want to focus your energy on getting better and recovering from the impact of the accident. Once you engage an attorney, you are assured that they are doing everything possible to get you a fair settlement.
  2. No immediate fee to worry about. If you are wondering whether you can afford an injury attorney in the first place, you should know that lawyers don’t charge an hourly rate for personal injury cases. Instead, the lawyer will take a fixed part of the settlement, which means you only pay the lawyer when you win. It is a good reason to seek legal advice.
  3. No direct talking with the insurance company. Claims adjusters are known to use tactics to get people to accept lowball settlements, and you wouldn’t want to give in to the pressure. With a good lawyer on your side, you don’t have to deal with the insurance company directly. This can be a relief if you don’t want to bother about negotiations.
  4. No more worries about deadlines. California’s statute of limitations sets a deadline for car accident cases and other injury claims. You are expected to follow the rules if you want to file a civil lawsuit. With an attorney handling the work, you can be assured that they are taking care of everything, ensuring that there is enough room to file a lawsuit.
  5. No more paperwork. Handling legal paperwork is one of the toughest tasks for people who have no understanding of legalese and procedures. If you have a lawyer, you can ensure that the documentation is done right and avoid some of the common mistakes that are likely to impact your case adversely.

Because the benefits of hiring an injury attorney are way too many to ignore, you shouldn’t have to manage everything on your own. Ask an experienced attorney to review your claim.

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